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A Layman’s Guide to Industrial Steel Buildings in the UK By Format Steel Buildings

  in Business | Published 2017-10-04 11:11:08 | 153 Reads | Unrated


Industrial steel buildings serve multiple functions across numerous industrial formats on both temporary and long-term timeframes. Steel buildings are simplistic, cost-effective and highly utilitarian. They come in numerous sizes and shapes mostly relying on the functions they will serve. Being a vi

tal requirement for the complete industrial sector, it is important to avail the service from reputed manufacturers.

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Steel buildings are a must for almost every single industrial setup. These structures can serve multiple utilities or functions, all of which are nothing short of obvious necessities. Starting from just warehouses to an auto assembly section, steel buildings come with certain obvious benefits. Structural rigidity is the first and foremost pre-requisite. On the other hand, steel frameworks are easy to manufacture and assemble.

Industrial Steel Buildings: All Shapes and Sizes

Doing away with a common misconception right from the beginning, there's a huge difference betw

een steel frame building and a steel structure building. Continuing from a previous pointer, steel structures can serve numerous industrial purposes. Matter of fact, the structure required depends completely on the function it is going to serve.

These buildings come in various shapes and sizes. Here's an overall look at the most common structures: -

• Straight-Walled –

Straight walled are the most common types of steel structures around. Rectangular structures offer better space, especially a higher roofline. The exoskeleton may or may not have an additional internal structural setup.

• Arch –

A curving roof line is a standalone feature for these structures. Just like the rectangular ones, arches have a rigid skeleton of the shape inside complementing the arch exoskeleton. Popular as agricultural steel buildings now, these arches were the first steel frame structures around.

Abandoned Nissen and Quonset huts are still common sites rekindling the tumultuous history of World War 2.

• Open Span or Clear Span –

It is a version of clear span buildings, also known as I-beam or rigid frame steel buildings. They have the same rectangular shape. Inside, steel trusses provide the skeletal rigidity to the overall structure. Shaping like the letter 'I', these are the most common steel buildings around.

• Multiple Span –

These constructions or buildings are the same as open or clear span formats. The only difference is that they have additional internal support columns. These structures are conventionally among the larger ones, and the multiple support beams lend the name to them.

Common types of structures as per functions: -

• Office Setup –

A simple and often temporary office setup often finds the best solution in the form of a small arch or small straight walls structure. Open or multi-span are very rare for this requirement considering that temporary or even permanent office setups do not require much time.

• Warehouse –

Space is the most vital obligation when it comes to warehouses as these need to be large. Although the central functional pointer is obviously storage, some warehouses require additional equipment setups for heavy lifting. In the latter cases, an open-span construction is perfect as it comes with the suitable internal trusses and girders for integrating heavy lifting machinery setups.

• Assembly/Factory –

Both open and multiple span setups play big in case of assembly plants or factories. Permanent pieces of construction nonetheless, these structures are huge, larger than warehouses. Whether it's going to be an open or multiple span setup depends completely on the pre-requisites.

Basic Requirements from the Clients' End:

Any individual requiring a steel construction needs to understand the requirements personally. First thing that comes into the picture is obviously the timeframe of usage; that is, whether it's going to be a permanent structure or only a temporary one.

Secondly, the basic functionality which that structure is going to provide comes into the picture too. An office setup does not obviously mean open span structure. Neither does a warehouse or storage space necessitate an arch steel construction.

Top services it will offer: -

• The best quality of pre-fabricated and galvanised steel basics or frames for easy installation and functions.

• Supply along with construction basics for creating the structure with their team of experts.

• Insurance as well guarantee for the construction.

Additional Tips for Buyers:

Referring to the best names in the business is mandatory as this guarantees the steel building that you exactly want. Top service providers will give you just the right helping hand in fixing any and every form of constructional shortcoming afterward as a professional courtesy.

Format Steel Buildings is one of the UK's best-known names in the steel building construction industry. With years of experience in the business, top-end lineup of products and a market-leading team of construction professionals – Format Steel is a first-choice when it comes to constructing agricultural as well as industrial steel buildings. One of their many claims to fame includes a consumer-first service approach.


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