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Advertising Your Online Business By Naz Daud

  in Business | Published 2011-07-27 07:34:50 | 136 Reads | Unrated


Most forms of advertising entail you parting with some cash But not every online method adheres to this rule – and one of them requires no money at all to enable you to succeed in promoting your business to potentially thousands of other people

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Most forms of advertising entail you parting with some cash. But not every online method adheres to this rule – and one of them requires no money at all to enable you to succeed in promoting your business to potentially thousands of other people.

This method is known as article marketing, and once you get the hang of it you will be amazed by how much traffic you can generate over time. This is the real benefit of marketing your internet business in this way. Normally an advert in, say, a newspaper or a magazine has a finite shelf life. Once that magazine goes out of date it get
s binned – taking your ad along with it.

But when you publish an article online for free you get to make sure that article stays circulating ad infinitum. The internet just keeps on growing – and for you that is nothing but good news.

So here is how this idea works. Let’s say your business is focused on selling herbs from home. You write an article offering some ideas on how to use herbs in cooking (for example). In the article itself you focus on offering nothing but good advice, and you don’t mention your business at all.

But after the article, in the resource box at the very bottom, you give your name and state that you have a business selling herbs. And you add your website address so that readers of the article can visit your site to have a look at it.

That’s basically the idea of article marketing in a nutshell. You may not think you can advertise your business effectively enough this way to make a difference. But you would be surprised at the reality of it. The idea here is to reel potential customers in by giving them worthwhile advice which is related to your business. And once they have read your advice, provided it is truly worthwhile, they will be more likely to visit your site as a result. So then you have the advantage of being able to drive traffic to your site through that article over months, if not years.

Article directories will also make your piece visible to other people for them to use on their websites. So you get more powerful incoming links to your site and more opportunities to build traffic.

But the real power in this method lies in replicating it time and time again. If you have just one or two articles out there doing well, it won’t be enough to build up a constant and significant stream of traffic. But if you have a couple of hundred or more, it’s a very different story.

So start working towards that number now by writing one or two articles a day and posting them with various free article directories online. Just search for that term Google and see what comes up. You will be amazed at how some consistent effort in this direction pays real dividends.


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