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Blogging with an iPad By Ambreen Ali

  in Computers And Technology | Published 2014-03-15 18:55:26 | 265 Reads | Unrated


With Apple Wireless keyboard you can write blog posts from anywhere even 30,000 feet in the air on a Wi-Fi ready plane. Wherever you are, keep your loyal blog readers engaged from your mobile device.

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The most important thing you do when blogging is write posts. For an iPad to be a suitable replacement for student laptops and netbooks writing posts needs to be as easy or similar to using a computer. The onscreen keyboard is fine for occasional typing but you can’t sustain the same quantity or comfort achievable using a laptop or netbook. For serious typing on an iPad you’ll want a real, physical keyboard. With Apple Wireless keyboard you can write blog posts from anywhere even 30,000 feet in the air on a Wi-Fi ready plane. Wherever you are, keep your loyal blo
g readers engaged from your mobile device.  Unfortunately the visual editor used by WordPress doesn’t work on an iPad. The blogging apps on iPads face the same type of issue.  Each of them uses a different method to tackle the problem. The more sophisticated apps include simple formatting toolbars for easily adding HTML code to the post while others you’ll need to know how to write the code if you want to apply more formatting like bold, italics, text alignment and links.
If you like to blog then Blogsy will make your life easier. It is ideal for educators, or more skilled students, who want features including the more advanced formatting options and functionality. It’s a well-designed tool that makes creating blog posts on your iPad a breeze. It cuts out the need to jump between services and uploading content; you can just drag photos, videos, and links directly into your blog posts. It also has styling tools and tags. In fact, it gives you full access to all the standard blogging settings including HTML editing should you feel the need. Blogsy has made it fun to edit and publish posts on the iPad. Tumblr, as the microblogging platform continues to grow more popular as a social networking location, you’ll want to be able to check in on your iPad. This official app allows you create posts quickly and easily, engage in conversations, manage multiple blogs, and even save drafts and schedule posts for later. There’s an offline mode to queue up actions for when you reconnect. The layout is elegant and gets straight to the heart of what you want to do. You can also view the people you are following and repost or heart the posts they've shared. BlogPress is ideal for educators and students who are looking for easy to use app that works well and makes applying simple formatting, adding images, videos and links easy. It has pretty much everything you need to write a post. You can upload photos, include links, and even edit the position, size, family, and color of your font. Once you're finished writing your post, you can save and preview it. You can even set up and post to more than one blog at a time.
You don’t have to use a blogging app to write posts on an iPad.  You can choose to write posts directly within your blog dashboard. Biggest pain is you can only write using the HTML editing mode; the visual editor isn’t supported by an iPad. This means if you write posts within your dashboard you need to be comfortable with writing the HTML code directly into your editor. With Instapaper, reading on your iPad is more pleasant than reading on your Mac’s screen. When you come across lengthier articles online, you tap the Instapaper button—whether in your browser, RSS reader, or Twitter client, or in any of the many other apps that integrate with the Instapaper service. The next time you launch Instapaper on your iPad, it will pull down the text of that article, and any inline images, too—but it’ll leave all the navigation, social networking modules, and Flash advertisements by the wayside.


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