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Can Scaling Damage Your Teeth Enamel? Know the Myths and Facts By James Franklin

  in Wellness, Fitness and Diet | Published 2018-05-28 12:59:25 | 656 Reads | Unrated


Scaling is a dental procedure recommended by dentists to be done regularly particularly twice a year.

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Scaling is a dental procedure recommended by dentists to be done regularly particularly twice a year. However, some people have their doubts about subjecting their teeth to this treatment, despite the many evidences proving otherwise. Read on as we take a look at the myths related to scaling and the real truth behind these misconceptions.

Myth: Scaling loosens teeth

Fact: Scaling can help strengthen the teeth’s hold on surrounding bone and gums.

Ultrasonic scaling, where its tip barely touches the teeth for a few seconds a

t a time cannot possibly loosen tooth. Your teeth will feel loose after scaling because tartar is tightly stuck around the teeth, that when they are removed, your teeth will naturally feel loose. A few weeks later once your gums heal, you will notice that your teeth actually feels firmer.

Myth: Scaling makes teeth sensitive

Fact: Scaling can prevent tooth sensitivity by preventing gum inflammation and recession

Think of tartar as a jacket worn over your teeth. It has been there for weeks and even months that suddenly removing it through scaling will require some time for your teeth to adjust to the new temperature. They have become sensitive; they only need time to recover. Of course, scaling done by untrained hands can lead to prolonged sensitivity; this is why you should choose a good dentist.

Myth: Scaling is a cosmetic procedure

Fact: Scaling is important for gum health; it is both cosmetic and therapeutic

The cosmetic aspect of scaling is a good side effect, which is the removal of stains on the teeth to make them look whiter and cleaner. Scaling is needed to ensure gum health. Removing those local irritants can do wonders in improving gum health. It is also important in increasing tooth support, minimizing gum bleeding and decreasing bad breath.

Myth: Scaling increasing spaces in between teeth

Fact: Scaling prevents gum disease and bone loss, thus stopping the opening of gaps

It is not impossible to physically move teeth using a scalar. Also, enamel cannot be cut using this machine. This, scaling cannot cause spacing. Spaces seem to appear following a scaling procedure because those spaces have long been there; they were just covered in tartar. Once the disease that causes the tartar is removed, these spaces reappear

So are you now convinced? With all the facts backed by science listed above, now you have no more reason to believe those rumors spread by people who know very little about dental care. Value your oral health and get regular scaling. Remember that your smile is worth more than most of your valuable possessions.



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