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Check for signs of skin cancer By Marianne Messeha

  in Cancer Survival | Published 2015-11-04 05:42:59 | 402 Reads | Unrated


Skin cancer is of different types and each of them has a set of different kinds of symptoms. This article introduces the readers to the common symptoms of various forms of such cancer.

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When it comes to cancer, many people are yet to be familiar with its different types and early signs of these. Knowing the symptoms will help in receiving treatments earlier and step up the chance of complete cure; otherwise it will be too late to be assured of a healthy and long life.

Cancer is of different types, with skin cancer being one of them. It is one of the commonest types of cancer to afflict the people throughout the globe. Unlike lung and stomach cancers, skin varieties can be detected ear

lier. Early diagnosis is important to ensure the rate of survival and quality of life after the treatment is started to cure such life-threatening disease.

Types of Skin Cancer

Depending on the layer of skin, such type of cancer has been divided into three categories. The first type is called Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) that affects the basal cells in the epidermis layer. Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) is the second type afflicting the epidermal layer of one’s skin. The third type is referred to as Melanoma affecting melanocytes that is present in the lower epidermal layer. The latest kind is the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

Learning the early signs of skin cancer

Symptoms of skin cancer vary according to its type. The most common symptom as specified by the doctors is a scaly patch on the skin. Such a patch usually causes itching or other kinds of discomfort. These patches are more common in the areas exposed to the sunrays for most of the time. Over time, these patches turn to ulcer or even start bleeding. It could be a sign of earlier development of SCC cancer.

If anyone notices such kind of patches on skin, he/she must visit an oncologist to be sure if those are serious. Early treatment for skin cancer ensures complete recovery from such a deadlier disease.

In case of BCC type of cancer, early symptom is development of bumps and lumps on the skin. These things infect others and bumps may develop into crusts that start bleeding. The patients must not ignore these symptoms and visit doctors. If cancer is detected, treatment can be started immediately.

Melanoma is the most dangerous type. Development of moles is the early symptom of such cancer. These moles could be red or brownish in color. Malignant type of mole tends to change its color, size and even border. The adjacent arena of the mole could cause discomfort and feel painful or itchy. In that case, the patients must drop a visit at a skin cancer clinic Melbourne if these symptoms are harbingers of something more serious. is a Melbourne-based skin cancer treatment clinic that was set up in January of 2015. They claim to offer fresh and friendly ambience while ensuring the best treatment for the patients.


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