Coping With a Disease Called Cancer By Nelson Berry

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It will only be a matter of time before cancer becomes the deadliest illness in the world Today thousands of people die every day from all sorts of cancer, from children to seniors

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It will only be a matter of time before cancer becomes the deadliest illness in the world. Today thousands of people die every day from all sorts of cancer, from children to seniors.

Being stricken with cancer can definitely make you feel scared about a lot of things. What will my future be like? Am I going to die? Who's going to take care of my family? How do I spend for my medications?

However, you should know that cancer doesn't really have to drive hope away from your life. There are some ways on how you can better cope with your diagnosis:

Coordinate with your physician. Be a proactive patient. Learn more about your illness and the possible treatments available for you. Know the side effects as well as your prognosis. In times of sickness the most important thing is you gain quality of life, whether life is going to be short or not.

2. Accept it. It's recommended you do take second or many more opinions when you're diagnosed with cancer. Nevertheless, that shouldn't stop you from slowly accepting the truth. The sooner you can do that, the faster it is for you to decide what you want to happen from thereon. Would you like to fight and go on with the treatment or surrender to it and just hope for the best?

3. Share your pain with others. Being sick with cancer is already dreadful enough. It becomes more painful when you start to worry or feel a lot of anxiety about the future. A good step to release the stress is to actually share your thoughts and pain with your friends and family members. You can also join support groups and meet up with other cancer patients. You may just find survivors and discover cancer doesn't have to end life too abruptly.

4. Lower the stress as much as possible. Stress can definitely worsen any disease, including cancer. It is a trigger to very low immune system. Thus, you become more prone to infection and other disorders.

An excellent step in reducing stress is through the use of subliminal messages. You can speak of subliminal messages to help calm the mind and be more aware of the future. The subliminal messages can help you become more accepting of the illness.

Some of the subliminal messages you can utilize are the following:

I embrace my illness wholeheartedly.
This illness is not a punishment to my mistakes.
This is not my fault.
I accept the limitations of life.
I can use my sickness to gain more knowledge about my life's meaning.

You can repeat these subliminal messages regularly, especially in times when you're very down and you're about to give up.

5. Strengthen yourself. Strengthen not just your emotional and mental well-being but also your physical health. Boost your immune system by taking supplements and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Exercise to keep your vital organs as healthy as possible. Make sure you can have your regular check-ups.


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