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Delivery boy jobs in Chandigarh -What Is The Reason Behind Growing D.B By Asphire HR Solutions

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A huge need for delivery boys has been flouncing all over India. India’s e-commerce segment is growing rapidly; there is also a huge demand of delivery boys to deliver the products. According to statistics, India has the third largest internet user base.    

These stats say that growing e-commerce industry all over India has altered the way people in India live, interact, shop and do business. E-commerce companies reach to their customers directly through delivery executives. The emergence of e-commerce start ups has revolutionized the logistics functions acros

s the geographical locations and different spaces. Users prefer doorstep delivery over pick up and it has gone multifold. Understanding the customer’s needs and preferences, e-commerce companies are directly investing into their recruitment operations and the potential assets like delivery executives.  

Delivery boys represent the backbone of e-commerce industry. If an e-commerce industry is not backed up with right delivery guys, it would ruin the brand image.

Typical Scenario of Job Finding For A Delivery Boy Job

Suresh passed out his 12th standard and left his home three years ago to find a job. His family could not afford his graduation, so he shifted to Delhi. His objective behind moving to Delhi was to find a job to ear and save for his family. As he was new to the city, he didn’t know how the things work. Fortunately, he got a shelter to share with his friends who were already in the city and earning good amount of salary. They were working in retail industry as sales executives. One of his friends referred him and as a result, he also got a job in food outlet as an executive. He started his career with a minimal salary of 8,000 INR per month. Later he joined an e-commerce industry and now he earns 18,000 INR per month. Changing the job at right time and through right reference, he reached to this level but not everyone is as lucky as Suresh. Now, he is able to save some amount and send it to his family living in the village.

Delivery Boys.jpg

To tap the potential candidates and right operational and logistics personnel, e-commerce market is competing at good terms and has raised the wages. The companies have increased the salaries for delivery boys and logistics boys. Earlier the minimum salary used to be 6,000 INR per month but now it has reached up to 12,000 INR per month. The salaries of delivery boys sometimes even reach to 20,000 INR per month excluding the incentives and other benefits. The demand for delivery boys is so huge that the companies even raise the bar of salary range. Attracting the best talent, some companies even offer accommodation and vehicle as part of benefits.     

For the profile of delivery boy, age and qualification is not a bar. Even high school drop outs are also considered as the potential candidates. If a candidate has the zeal to do a job and understanding to do the business, he has the good chances of getting the position.  

At Jobs in Asphire, we have numerous openings for delivery boys in Delhi, Chandigarh, J&K, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Register now and get the job as well.

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