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Lyme borreliosis is an infectious Lyme disease, ar

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Envita Reviews : Diana's Breast Cancer Story By Henry Wronger

  in Cancer Survival | Published 2012-08-29 17:24:52 | 182 Reads | Unrated


As the world is moving onto information technology and hence there are surely an advancement in the field of medical science.

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As the world is moving onto information technology and hence there are surely an advancement in the field of medical science. Some of the diseases which were incurable or didn’t have any remedy can be cured now. Nowadays expert doctors as well as their hospitals are having highly sophisticated technology which can detect the symptoms to the point as well as can diagnose it

rapidly. One of the most dangerous diseases which is spreading all over the globe is cancer. Cancer is precarious disease which the world is fighting with that too vigorously. We all are aware about what is cancer and other facts and myths associated with it. Cancer spreads out very fast inside the body stage by stage. It spreads out in four stages and out of all most critical is the fourth stage cancer.

The occurrence of cancer is broadly classified into lung cancer, Stage 4 Breast Cancer, mouth cancer, brain cancer, skin cancer. And after starting from a particular point it spreads out multiple organ systems such as liver, stomach, intestine etc. Out of all most seen and prevailing cancer amongst all is breast cancer. The number of breast cancer is rapidly increasing amongst the females. But the good part is that if detected well in advance breast cancer can be cured even though if it is of fourth stage breast cancer. Once the patient has reached to forth stage breast cancer she needs to undergo high dosages of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy. There are cases where the females have been diagnosed for fourth stage breast cancer and have been successful in getting their life back to normalcy. But it happens only if you opt for proper treatment from proper institute or hospital at proper time.

Insight, Diana is a lady from North America and was suffering from fourth stage breast cancer and she even tried to get opinion of few expert doctors and after consulting and proper scanning of her reports of mammogram she was given a advanced and targeted treatment to which Diana respond quickly and to her surprise she got away with fourth stage breast cancer. Today she is fit and absolutely enjoying her life with before like zeal and pleasure. It was the true fight back against disease along with perfect treatment from proper institute .i.e. Envita. Team envita was the one who gave her deserving treatment and fortified her immune system to which her body respond rapidly. It was a complete immunotherapy along with targeted radio therapy with no side effects seen over the body.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer is curable unless and until you opt for proper diagnosis as said by diana who opt for envita medical centre.


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Lyme borreliosis is an infectious Lyme disease, arthritis as one of its symptoms can cause. The infection occurs when a tick which is infected with the spirochete bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi bites a human, and transmits the bacteria to the human.

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