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Female Franchise Businesses For Women By Naz Daud

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Owning a successful internet franchise is one of the most exciting business opportunities gaining traction in the UK The internet has breathed life into an already successful franchise industry, but in the past it has been dominated by men

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Owning a successful internet franchise is one of the most exciting business opportunities gaining traction in the UK. The internet has breathed life into an already successful franchise industry, but in the past it has been dominated by men. Approximately 80 per cent of franchisees are male, a statistic that has led to an increase in demand for female franchisees.

Fortunately, more women are becoming self employed; a trend that can be partly attributed to the effects of the recession. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), women are less likely than men to be self
employed, although the ability to start a franchise online and manage this business from home, may start to change this. Roughly three quarters of the UK's self employed workforce are male, a proportion that has remained broadly static since 1997.

So, will launching a franchise change this figure? Well, quite possibly. The ONS has also revealed that the presence of a dependent child has an effect on women's chosen career path, limiting how much time they can spend in the workplace. Because a franchise can be home-based, working mums can devote equal time to their child and their business.

The beauty of franchising is that it presents opportunities to women from a variety of career backgrounds. While it obviously suits those with executive and management experience, a franchise can also suit those who want to start an internet business, are an experienced photographer or want to get involved in the world of fitness.

If you're seriously considering setting up a franchise, there are a number of things which need considering. First and foremost, you need the support of your friends and family. Do they think your chosen franchise idea is viable in your area and will your family help you out if you have other commitments such as a child? Owning a franchise is especially rewarding, but it does require hard work and occasional long hours.

Once you've decided that going down the franchise route is a career path you wish to take, you need to begin researching franchise opportunities. Use the internet to draw up a list of franchises that you believe are appropriate to your skill set. Once you have a shortlist, it's time to begin the questioning - speak to each potential franchisor over the telephone and if you like what you hear, arrange a meeting in person. Remember that this is their chance to assess your credentials too, so be prepared to be quizzed on your personal circumstances.

After attending meetings, it's time to make a decision. Don't be swayed by your heart - a business decision needs to be based on logic, fact and what you think is realistically achievable. Fear of the unknown is natural, but if you've sought advice from professionals and friends and family and have undertaken your research thoroughly, there should be nothing to put you off.

There is certainly a wealth of opportunities out there. According to findings from NatWest and the British Franchise Association, the annual turnover of the UK's franchise industry stands at £10.3 billion, while there are over 30,000 franchise businesses in operation. Do you have what it takes to add to this total?


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