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Find Out Why Richy Tape Hair Extensions are Preferred By Louise Bailey

  in Business | Published 2019-06-12 04:04:01 | 9 Reads | Unrated


If you want extensions, consider using Richy tape hair extensions. Their extensions are available in a wide range of colours and lengths, and made from 100% human hair. The tapes are non-allergic and can instantly boost your appearance. You can wear the extensions all day and night, without any fuss


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When it is about adding more length and volume to your natural hair as fast and easily as possible, hair extensions are the ideal solution. Extensions, especially semi-permanent tape-in extensions allow you to create lowlights and highlights, trending hairstyles or completely transform your look.

Owing to the popularity of tape extensions, there are a number of brands available in the market today. However, one that stands apart from the rest and has gained international recognition is Richy tape hair extensions or Richy Stickees. Well-known celebrities to pop stars and even regula

r women trust Richy’s extensions to give them a glamorous look. Know why fashion-loving women prefer Richy’s hair over others by continuing reading.

Made from the finest quality human hair

Richy hair extensions are created from 100% Remy human hair, which has been sourced ethically from across Europe. The wefts are noted for their strength, colour and natural sheen. Richy always ensures that their products meet the highest standards of gold and diamond quality. Their entire team uses advanced and innovative technology in creating the products and takes proper care of each weft throughout the processing cycle. As a matter of fact, it takes the team of Richy a minimum of three weeks to bathe and colour each strand of hair. The result of all this hard work is the finest quality extensions that can transform your appearance and make you look gorgeous at once.
Also, as the wefts are created from human hair, you can rest easy knowing that the extensions will seamlessly blend in with your actual hair. Your friends or colleagues will be unable to tell your extensions from your natural hair.

Hassle-free, low maintenance

Compared to other types of extensions, tape-ins are the easiest method to maintain thanks to their thin construction. Richy’s extensions are only 4cm wide and you can look after them just like your natural hair. Most women even forget that they are wearing tape-ins because they are just so simple to maintain. You just have to tape it into your own hair and forget it for about ten to twelve weeks when it is time to move them up. Since Richy provides only luxurious extensions, they do not mat, shed or tangle.

Can be reused

Richy tape hair extensions can be reused for up to a year and if you care for them, the extensions can be used for three to four applications. It is such a huge benefit to be able to use the extensions, especially if you have got your extensions customised to your specific requirements and preferences. Also, it will save you a lot of money as you do not have to frequently get new extensions.

Does not damage natural hair

Richy hair is so popular in London amongst women because their extensions last long and are of premium quality. Also, their extensions are lightweight and do not damage one’s natural hair in any way. Furthermore, if you choose their extensions, you can wear them the entire day and even sleep with it. As the extensions are light, it will not pull or tug at your own hair, and you will probably even forget that you are wearing extensions. Also, the extensions will grow out with your actual hair.

Available in numerous variations

Richy is known for providing 3 extension solutions - keratips, hair flow and tape extensions. Their tape extensions are made from the finest quality human hair and can be reused. The strands do not tangle and the tapes are both water and humidity proof whilst also being non-allergic. Richy brings forward extensions in a broad range of single and mixed colours in varying lengths. With so many options available, Richy makes sure that women are able to enhance their appearance without a lot of stress.

So, try Richy tape hair extensions today and see the difference it makes to your overall look.

Louise Bailey is a hair extension specialist with over 18 years’ industry experience. She has spent considerable time mastering the safest extension application methods and trusts Richy tape hair extensions for her clients. Louise’s skills are trusted by celebrities, pop stars and regular women from across the world.


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Louise Bailey is one of the most experienced and trusted hair extension specialists in the UK. She has an ever-growing list of clients, which includes renowned models and celebrities. Louise specialises in pre-bonded keratin attachments and tape hair extensions. She is also the creative director of Extension Professional that offers a wide range of clip-in extensions. Guaranteeing best results, Louise only uses the highest quality European hair.

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