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Have You Monetised Your Business Blog Yet? By Naz Daud

  in Business | Published 2012-01-19 06:47:25 | 224 Reads | Unrated


Have you even got a business blog yet This is a great way of bringing in an extra stream of income that could come in very handy indeed

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Have you even got a business blog yet? This is a great way of bringing in an extra stream of income that could come in very handy indeed. Whether it is simply a few extra pounds every month or you build it into another significant income, monetising your business blog has a lot to recommend it.

For a start you can focus on paying for your domain name and hosting. Although this doesn’t usually amount to very much it is a very significant target to aim for initially. If you can cover the costs of maintaining your business blog with the income it brings in, it automatically become
s self sustaining. From this point on you will be in profit, and you will effectively start to earn an income from it.

It is always worth seeing what other people are doing with their business blogs as well. For instance you might find that some people are using Google Adsense and nothing else. Other people might have other ad networks they are putting to good use and earning a nice income from. Still more might have affiliate networks and agreements in place that enable them to bring in yet another ream of sales from time to time. Clearly there is more than one way to make money from your blog – all you have to do is to decide which way is best for you.

It is worth bearing in mind that you can happily integrate several methods of money making in the same business blog. For instance Google Adsense can sit happily alongside the idea of writing reviews which have affiliate links in them. It all depends on what you are happy with and what works best for the type of business blog you have.

As such, while it is good to read about other bloggers and how they make their money, it is also worthwhile not to be too strict on trying to follow someone else’s plan. By all means test the waters and see how well certain things work out for you, but always be prepared to try something else if your initial ideas aren’t working for some reason.

Another thing to bear in mind is the time factor. There are very few business blogs which get off the ground in double quick time, and when it does happen it tends to be because the blogger is well known already. But there is no reason why you can’t build up a terrific blog over time when you put the work into it.

One final point though – to begin with it will feel like you are working for very little in return. But remember that eventually you will receive payment for the work you are doing now, and that payment will continue rolling in every month as long as you keep blogging and keep developing your site. There is always more you can do with a business blog and more people you can reach as well, so be prepared to do the best you can and enjoy the ride.


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