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Have a great day out on beach picnic and plan it without hassles By Ron Taylor

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Beach picnics are all fun and food but here is a checklist following which you can make all the planning easy. Especially, when it comes to packing food follow these steps to avoid sand laced food.

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Beach picnics are all fun and food but here is a checklist following which you can make all the planning easy. Especially, when it comes to packing food follow these steps to avoid sand laced food.

Beach picnics with friends and family are always fun. Having fun on the sand under the sunny sun and riding out the waves on surfboards is real fun. Though it is all fun and joy going to the beach but often there are things that can make it the worse day like if you have taken along the inappropriate food or are short on supplies or have missed some other essential item. However making a

ll these preparations for a picnic can be quiet tiring. So, to make things easy for you we present a step by step checklist to plan the perfect beach picnic with your friends and family.

1. The first step is of course to look for the perfect beach picnic spot. If you have usual one then you are of course very well versed with it but if not or if you have planned such a trip for the first time always do a research before choosing the place. Browse all he nearby places read reviews and then set your mind.

2. Now the next move is to get your bad all set up for the beach. Since there will be many people in your group you will need more than one bag to pack all the essentials. So, choose a large bag in which all the things can fit easily. Make sure it’s durable and tough.

3. The list of items to be packed will include sunscreen, goggles, some board games so that you can have some fun, books if you had like to lay and read. You will need to carry surf boards and volleyballs which can’t be packed in bag so make sure that you have arrangements for the same.

4. The next and the most important on the list are linen towels. Invest in some high quality sand resistant towels that are available nowadays. You can choose some creative designs from striped beach towels to florals and bolds.Carry as many towels as the number of people so there is no shortage of space when you all want to relax.

5. And now the next big issue that we face is the food. Hunger pangs are sure to hit you amongst all the fun. So, of course you need to pack ample supply of sandwiches, chips, drinks, salads and other eatables. However, packing them right is essential so that you don’t have to taste the sand.

6. Carry food that can also be eaten cold. As however great your insulated boxes are, in such long hours food does gets cold. Beaches are not made for barbecue. Some of the best food options could be spreads and dips with crusty bread, marinated vegetables, pasta and rice, slices of cake, cookies or brownies.

7. Carry more of finger foods like sandwiches so that you don’t have to carry many knives, forks and plates. Take a lot of drinks in a cooler to keep them chilled. Carry your food in zipper packs so that leftover can be packed back without getting drenched in sand. Avoid taking dairy products along.

8. The next one on the list to take are the shade itemsincluding large umbrellas and shade tents. Store some of your money in empty lip-gloss sticks to protect it from theft. Also, put your phone in ziploc for protection against sand and water.

If you are running short on any essential like linens towels you can buy them online.

Author Bio: Ron Taylor is well known content writer. He has a lot of experience and has written many articles on the topic of Towels Linens and Striped Beach Towel.



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