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How To Get Power of Attorney By Nicholas Copernicus

  in Legal | Published 2009-08-05 12:03:04 | 777 Reads | Rating 4


A power of attorney is a legal form that you can use to give legal written person for a trusted friend or loved one to legally act on your behalf.

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A power of attorney is a legal form that you can use to give legal written person for a trusted friend or loved one to legally act on your behalf. When you fill out a power of attorney form you are stating that you want one or more people to have the legal authority to assist you on the things you want to do. A standard power of attorney however does not remain valid if the principal, who is the person who made the power of attorney, becomes incompetent or passes away. In most states though a durable power of attorney will remain in effect during any period of incompetency, but it will also be
revoked when the principal passes. The principal also has the right to revoke or update the power of attorney at any time they wish.

There are several types of power of attorney but they all fall into two categories, general or specific. A general power of attorney will give the agent the right to make any financial decisions or medical decisions for you. Most people aren't comfortable with giving their agent such broad authority so they use a specific power of attorney. You can learn more about the types of power of attorney at the website towards the end of this article, but the most commonly used one is a financial power of attorney.

A financial power of attorney is the most practical and useful when you need an agent for the routine financial operations involved in your daily life. The agent can help you write checks, make bank deposits, sign contracts, and conduct the purchase and sale of assets.

When you execute a power of attorney, that does not mean that you are no longer in control and can't make decisions on your own. It just means that some one you trust can also act on your behalf. You could be handling business in another state while your agent is back in your home state handling your daily business there. Or, you may be hospitalized one day and you will need some one who can deposit checks in your bank account and pay your bills. The power of attorney must follow your directions, you are very much in control. You are simply sharing your power with your agent. Always remember that you can revoke a power of attorney at any time if you are unhappy with your agent.

So, what do you need to do to get a power of attorney? You can either hire an attorney to write up the power of attorney forms for you, or write up a power of attorney yourself. There are state specific do-it-yourself power of attorney kits that you can get at the website towards the end of this article. The do-it-yourself kits make it easy to create your own legal power of attorney that you can get signed, notarized and filed on the public record. By notarizing the power of attorney you are providing proof that the parties involved actually signed the document, and by filing it on the public record you will always be able to receive a copy if you lose the master copy. You can learn more by going to the website below.

This article, 'How To Get Power of Attorney', has been brought to you by [ ]. At their website you can get the power of attorney forms you need to create your very own power of attorney, without hiring an attorney.


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