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How to Keep Your Home Clean Longer By Ron Schaberg

  in Home Management | Published 2016-09-15 06:51:49 | 111 Reads | Unrated


Learn a few easy steps that you can take to keep your home clean longer.

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Cleaning seems like a never-ending process. Whether you're single, a couple, have kids or pets, keeping the home clean can be a challenge. I used to clean once in awhile, allowing things to pile up until I had to turn an entire day into a “clean the house day,” that would take hours and leave me exhausted. But there is an easier way to clean your home, and keep it clean. While it takes a little daily maintenance, simple steps to keeping the house clean longer will make yo

ur life a lot easier and keep your home sparkling.

Make the Bed

Studies have shown that people in the habit of making their bed tend to have a cleaner home. It has to do with productivity. The more productive among us make their bed every day after they wake up. It will also inspire you to do more to clean the home. If you have a nice made-up bed, for example, but see a pile of clothes on the floor, you're more likely to clean that mess up!

Clean the Kitchen Daily

Cleaning the kitchen every day doesn't mean you have to scrub the floors daily. But you should clean up if you make a mess in the kitchen as soon as you can. Immediately wipe down counters after cooking a big meal. Also, guard against clutter. Keep appliances organized so they aren't in the way, and put them away immediately after using them. Don't forget about the sink either. Once you empty out the sink by washing dishes, wipe the sink down. Doing these simple things around your kitchen will have it looking like new for a long time. Even when I do let things go, the kitchen is always the easiest room to clean for me because I always wipe it down daily.

Keep Paper Organized

More people are working from home, or bringing work home with them. That, combined with bills, general mail, and other items mean your home can be cluttered with paper fairly easily. Have a place to put all your important papers and have a file system when you no longer need them. A file cabinet works great to help eliminate clutter.

Leave You Shoes at the Door

Shoes track in lots of dirt, sand, mud and other unwanted particles into the home. If you remove your shoes as soon as you walk into your home and keep them there, your floors will stay cleaner longer. For larger families, or people with lots of shoes, get a shoe rack to place near the door to put you in the habit of removing your footwear upon entering the home. This will also encourage guests to do the same.

Schedule the Big Cleaning

Small, daily cleaning won't totally replace the need for a big clean. Plan each week (or as needed) some free time to scrub toilets, bathtubs and floors. If you add a cleaning schedule to your routine you are more likely to keep up. And as you clean more consistently, you'll find the cleaning becomes easier. I started cleaning the tub more often and now it takes about half the time it used to take to get it shiny and looking like new!

Clean as You Go

Just like you should wipe things down in the kitchen after cooking a meal, you should not let things build up. Cleaning as you go means you won't have to do as much during those “big clean” days. Don't let dishes pile up in the sink. Wash them or put them immediately in the dishwasher. If food drops on the floor, pick it up asap. That will make sweeping a breeze.

Put Things Away After Using Them

This is more a habit for kids, although I know plenty of adults that have this habit. You take something out, let's say a DVD for example, and leave it out when you are done using it. The next thing you know, your living room looks like an episode of Hoarders. Put something away after you use it and your home will look less cluttered. If you have kids, they will notice your habits and be more likely to put their toys away when you tell them.


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