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Laboratory Equipment Suppliers in Singapore By Airtech Pte Ltd

  in Medical Business | Published 2018-10-11 12:50:18 | 79 Reads | Unrated


Airtech is an innovative Singapore based healthcare equipment suppliers that offer all type of hospital equipments, Clean Partition Equipments, Hand washer and Dryer and Laboratory/Bio safety equipments with affordable cost and effective quality.

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First, be in the appropriate attire while in the laboratory. Always wear a laboratory coat, masks, gloves, appropriate eye wear and closed shoes. Laboratory coat should be knee length. The essence here is to prevent the chemicals in use from affecting ones clothes. The laboratory coat can also be used as a dust coat. It acts as a barrier to dust, chemicals and harmful substances. Laboratories dealing with harmful chemicals and sample, such as hospital laboratories and manufacturing factories, require much keenness. Gloves are crucial in such laboratories because they help in handling samples

that may be harmful to the skin. For instance, bacterial samples are usually infectious. In such cases, wearing glove is extremely essential. Handling corrosive chemicals such as Sodium hydroxide also require gloves. Gas masks are paramount when handling fumigants or volatile gasses. Inhaling these gases is potentially harmful to the body. Some chemicals emit fumes that can destroy internal organs. For example, Sulphur (IV) oxide gas is an irritant of the respiratory system. Wearing a mask can reduce the effect of this gas on the respiratory system. In the hospital environment, masks are extremely crucial to the laboratory technicians as well as the doctors. This is because masks block the entry of pathogens into the attendants' nostrils or mouth. In this way, masks prevent the occurrence of the diseases. Close and flat shoes are essential as they ease walking. They also reduce the accidents especially, in cases of chemical spillage or broken apparatus such as glasses. Therefore, it is essential to protect your feet with closed shoes. Eyes are equally essential. Wearing eye protective gear, that is, goggles is the best thing. This prevents fumes that may irritate or cause harmful damage to the eye. Secondly, never eat while in the laboratory. This is harmful to one's health. Eating here may be a source of infection. This is more dangerous if it is a hospital laboratory than an ordinary laboratory. Such laboratories have potential harmful microbes. Common sense dictates that microbes are omnipresent. In chemical manufacturing laboratories, some chemicals produce fumes that may be adsorbed by food. That means when one is eating food in the labs he/she is also eating the chemicals. Such chemicals may cause serious damage to your digestive system. Thirdly, operating laboratory equipment requires qualified and experience technicians or technologists. Always ask for help from a qualified person. While operating such equipment, one may destroy them. Keep in mind the cost of such equipment! Accidents may also occur. Poor operation of an autoclave, for instance, may cause serious damage to the building and the users. A fire extinguisher is a necessary tool in the laboratory. Each laboratory should have at least one. This will help to put out fire that may occur in the laboratory premises. The fire extinguishers should be placed at strategic points, such as the door way. This makes them visible to everyone such that, at the time of fire outbreak, it is easily accessible. All laboratory users should be trained to use it.

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Airtech is an innovative Singapore based hospital solutions Services and healthcare equipment suppliers that offer all type of hospital equipments, Clean Partition Equipments, Hand washer and Dryer and Laboratory/Bio safety equipments with affordable cost and effective quality.

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