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Laravel 5.5 CRUD UI Admin Template - JOSH By Alexa Vegas

  in Computers And Technology | Published 2017-10-04 12:49:24 | 95 Reads | Unrated


The all new Josh Laravel Admin template, version 2.0 has been built on a comprehensive platform which includes Bootstrap 3.3.5 and Laravel 5. The template helps web developers create one of the most compelling well pages for businesses that features 100+ user interface componentsThere are more than

70 landing pages in Josh Admin template and six color schemes. The theme is highly responsive and is available in both HTML versions and PHP versions. The theme is highly resizable and could fit in almost any device such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.

Full Content

Josh Admin template is one of the most beautifully crafted admin templates with a number of backend applications. It is available in three versions namely HTML versions, PHP versions and Laravel versions. The template is responsive for a number of languages such as ASP, PHP, Perl, ruby etc. This template is indeed a boon in disguise for those starting a Laravel project as they would be able to save tons of hours with its amazing built in templates, user management protocols etc.

  • Its version 2.1 had its sentry replaced with sentinel recently and feature a detailed documentat
    ion section.
  • Its version 2.0.1 featured the release of its frontend capabilities
    Version 2.0 focused mainly on fixing a number of small bugs associated with the version. It also saw that the Laravel 5 version gets incorporated with the version and it gets updated to Bootstrap 3.3.5.
  • Version 1.3 featured the addition of Group management user interface. It also added Edit user UI, features management of user avatar upload. With this version, the template got updated to latest bootstrap and also fixed a number of small bugs with the version.
  • Version 1.2 included the most awaiting Laravel version. A number of other functionalities such as user login, register, users, creating new user profiles have been added to the Laravel version. All of the existing layouts were moved to the Laravel layouts so that one could start a new website with any layout just by extending it.

Features of Josh Admin Template:

Thus the Josh Bootstrap Admin application keeps itself suitable for any of the admin backend applications and is featured with a number of useful pages. Following are the features of the template.

Multiple color schemes:  four different color options such as purple, pink, green and blue are available for developers to choose as their theme color on the landing pages of websites.

The dashboard includes charts and other graphical representations right on the front page and it incorporates a lot of components such as User interface features, Pickers, buttons, color picker sliders etc.

Ways to show progress: the template incorporates some of the best and the most beautiful ways and charts to show the progress of a business. Line charts, graphs and pie charts could be used to denote different components such as server load, site statistics, sales, social status of the business etc. Other features of the template could be listed as follows,

  • It is built on Bootstrap 3.3.1
  • Incorporates valid CSS 3 and HTML 5 components
  • Includes six color schemes
  • It is completely responsive
  • It is available in both boxed and full width versions

Elements on its dashboard are date pickers, form validations, enhanced select boxes, form layouts, switch buttons, sliders, masked inputs, Auto sizeText areas etc.

Applications of Josh Admin Template:

The completely responsive and user friendly Josh Admin template is multi-purposeful and features extensive usage in different fields. The template ensures complete documentation of all the progress made at the website by its users and thus is considered as the most popular and complete admin and frontend theme available as of date. It is seem to be extremely profitable in areas such as

Web designing:  Josh admin template encompasses the different skills in the creation and maintenance of websites. It mediates all different areas of web design which includes interface design, web graphic design, and user experience design and even search engine optimization.

Graphic designing:  the template finds extensive usage in the process of problem solving and visual communication by making use of space, type, color and image. The template is indeed considered as a subset of communication design and visual communication owing to the involvement of overlapping skills.

Internet marketing: The Josh Admin template propounds the advertising and marketing efforts of Internet marketing protocols so as to make use of web and email to drive direct sales to the website via ecommerce. It also helps in channelizing sales leads from both emails and websites.

Thus the all new Josh Laravel admin template that has been beautifully crafted for backend applications and is available for a mere cost of $25 for its buyers. The template has already witnessed a number of new buyers already and expects thousands of others as well. If there is anything that you would wish to contribute to the template, do let us know.


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