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Marketing Tactics For a Small Business By Naz Daud

  in Business | Published 2009-09-19 12:02:56 | 147 Reads | Unrated


Marketing a small business is not difficult if it can identify something unique that makes it stand out from the crowd For any small business, marketing can seem a somewhat daunting prospect, with advice thrown from every direction

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Marketing a small business is not difficult if it can identify something unique that makes it stand out from the crowd. For any small business, marketing can seem a somewhat daunting prospect, with advice thrown from every direction. They get conflicting recommendations on what they should and shouldn’t do, how they ought to spend their budget and what tactics they must use to develop their brand.

Although marketing a small business can seem fraught with difficulty, before you even begin, there are some fundamental questions which, if you can answer them correctly, will save you
a great deal of time, trouble and effort. Marketing, at its very heart, is little more than making sure that your business is competitive and successful. In order to achieve this, you should ask yourself the following question:

What makes your business different? Type a search into any search engine for basic goods or services, and the chances are high that you will be presented with millions – possibly billions – of results. How can you possibly compete in such a swamped marketplace? Is the internet not sometimes like the ocean, somewhere into which you hurl your business in the hope it might bob to the surface long enough to catch a breath?

The problem is that too many new and small businesses try to compete with the large, well established businesses or global corporations. These businesses are already successfully enjoying a good market position, and have websites with a strong online presence. Competition is a key word which you will hear in business time and time again. Yet really, rather than considering online marketing as competition, it should be more about finding a niche market, an edge or method by which your business can stand out.

Imagine a supermarket, with shelves packed with products, all neatly boxed and bagged with the same flashy labels and graphics. Each box or packet is trying to stand out by being flashier, more colourful, more striking and bolder than the next, until the shelf becomes saturated and customers ignore the bulk of the marketing which has taken place, and scour for only those products they usually buy, the familiar brand names, or the lowest prices.

But consider instead, if you managed to find your own shelf – a space that was uncluttered. Here your own brand could stand out clearly, and although the shelf may not be right by the door, almost everyone who passes it will see your product, increasing overall sales conversion by a major factor.

How does this translate into the online world? Quite simply, what you must do is identify all of the possible ways in which your business is unlike any other. Whether it is with reference to its geographical location, its combination of features, its prices, its support, its customer service – there are many ways in which you can help to make sure that your business stands out. In a crowded marketplace the only real way to succeed is either to the cheapest or be bigger than everybody else, or stand apart and be unique!

Once you have identified what makes your business different, you will have already gone a long way towards tackling the issue of marketing. But there are other important questions to which you will also need to give consideration:

• Who will use your business?
• How will they be most likely to come across your business?
• How will you approach potential clients?
• How will you gain potential clients interest and trust?
• How will your business be remembered by visitors and those who have placed an order?
• How will your advertising reflect the brand image of your company?
• What will make people place an order?
• What will make people place a second order?

These are a few of the initial questions which will help you to identify ways in which your business can stand out. It is not in competing, but in standing apart, that small, online businesses manage to succeed. As your business develops and expands, your marketing may well expand and develop as well, but always you should try to identify the niche markets in which you can dominate, rather than the saturated markets in which you can easily drown.

Jump in a puddle, and you’ll get your feet wet; jump in the sea and you might drown! Marketing a small business online is much the same, and by finding a niche market, a way in which your business stands apart from others, will allow you to capitalize on this individuality. You can then promote your business using this edge rather than applying the same tactics which international corporations can manage through their sheer size and financial power.


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