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Plan a Trip to Dubai for Neptuneyachtsdubai By neptuneyachts dubai

  in Travel | Published 2019-05-07 01:27:29 | 21 Reads | Unrated


Have you thought about or dreamed of making your birthday party on a yacht chartered especially for your guests? Without having the "take care of everything" job, of course. After all, luxury is to have time and enjoy it to the maximum with the people you like.

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Have you thought about or dreamed of making your birthday party on a yacht chartered especially for your guests? Without having the "take care of everything" job, of course. After all, luxury is to have time and enjoy it to the maximum with the people you like.

We are famous for our Exclusive Yacht Rental Dubai Anniversaries, weddings, and corporate parties. All in one yacht with capacity for up to 112 passengers. Unlike cruises, yachts are more private and with extreme comfort, even if compared to luxury

cruises. we includes activities such as water sports, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, fitness center,  yoga classes, fine dining, plus a highly trained crew. There are 95 professionals, which guarantee personalized treatment and sophisticated "all-inclusive" system.

Our portable yachts includes jet skis, glass bottom kayaks, snorkeling equipment, water skiing, wake boards, swimming platform, banana boat and floating island. During the night, beds with elevated sea views are the attraction for couples who enjoy admiring the stars, or watching special movies shown both in the main hall and under the poolside sky.

For the celebration to be incredible and memorable, it is essential to have a specialized travel agency. After all, nothing better than having someone who can take care of every detail with wisdom and experience. Everything is taken care of by us before, during and post trip so that the experience of the client is really impeccable and unforgettable.

Hire Luxury Yacht Charter Rental Dubai, UAE


We organize yacht trips along the UAE coast. There is no better way to celebrate a special day aboard one of our yachts! The birthday cruise can be tailored for groups of all sizes and tastes. The price is for a 3 hour ride at the end of the day is a great way to enjoy the sunset and start the evening!

  • Champagne Welcome
  • Wine, Beer And Other Beverages Included
  • Stop Closing Grout
  • Extra Hours through Availability
  • Sushi on Board with Anticipated Reserve
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth

All our yachts buy with the safety standards and have all the safety equipment required by the government legislation. We are inspected annually and your trip includes full insurance. Safety is always in the first place.

Many of our charters are for families and we always take this into account when planning your trip. We are very accustomed to take into account the needs of children, from babies, young people and even adrenaline looking for teenagers. We are here to make the cruise experience safe and fun.

The importance of the crew is crucially important and we only hire the most experienced people to ensure that the luxury cruise meets your expectations.

We strive to make your luxury cruise truly memorable, we put a lot of energy into planning routes, destinations and activities based on the sea conditions, the weather and the type of group. As sea conditions vary from hour to hour, we make changes to the itineraries in your best interest.

What do I need to bring with me during the day?

  • Sunscreen is very important; also a hat is desirable because summer temperatures are often over the 30's.
  • Bathing suit and towels.

Birthday parties on a beach

Make your birthday an unforgettable party, bring your family and friends, come and have fun on an excellent boat trip, stop at a beach, where you can take some diving, picnic or just enjoy a beautiful day spent at the open air.

This program is great for both adults and children, bring your music and schedule your own party.

Production of Nautical Events

We perform Events with objectives according to the needs of our clients. In this sense, we develop events for companies and individuals aiming to support marketing actions, professional training actions, conferences, work meetings, socializing and fellowship, or any others. During them, we can also organize meals, from a simple coffee break, to a luxurious banquet. Animation and visual audio media can also be provided according to the client's indications. This is a fully adaptable area, and there are no watertight proposals that can in any way serve as an obstacle to the objectives of a given action.

For more information drop us a mail at  or call us at +971-526501454






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