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Pros And Cons Of FUE Hair Transplant By James Willam

  in Business | Published 2018-04-30 03:45:47 | 64 Reads | Unrated


FUE hair transplant also called the follicular hair transplant is a relatively advanced surgical technique that offers less invasion to the scalp. Even though the fundamental purpose of the traditional as well as the advanced surgery remains same but this technique proves to meet the candidate’s n

eed without any detectable scarring after the procedure.

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An Overview About The Surgery

The treatment is quite different from that of the strip excision methodology as the traditional technique involves the excision of the strip of hair from the donor site and the harvesting the hair follicles out of the strip that constitutes of innumerable hair follicle. On the contrary, the newer technique involves the benefit wherein it does not leave any surgical scarring neither at the donor site nor on the recipient area.

FUE hair transplant is not typically a scar-less technique but the degree of scar fo

rmation is much less as and when compared to that of the advanced surgical methodology. As large scars are not left behind at the surgical site, it is much easier to hide the small scars within the natural and original surrounding hair follicles. For most of the candidates undergoing the restoration surgical procedure is a deciding factor as there are many underlying factor that must be considered for the surgery.

Another advantage about this modernized technology is that being a minimally invasive surgical process, a candidate can resume the normal activities with a short span of time as the healing procedure is very fast with this mechanism. But with multiple advantages comes a series of demerits as well which are listed in the next paragraph.

A major disadvantage about this surgery is that upon extraction the underlying hair follicles can get easily damaged or destructed if proper care is not taken by the surgeon. The reason behind this is that small cylindrical punches are required for the separation of the hair follicles from the nearby tissues that are present in the scalp. This leads in the degeneration of the hair follicle from the bottom of the hair graft as it is punched out.

The damage to the hair causes weakness of the survival of the hair follicle; moreover apart from this disadvantage another demerit is that the scalp area needs to be shaved off so that the surgery can be easily carried out. For some candidates it is a major factor and an aesthetic issue as they are not willing to shave off their hair to gain the original density.

Why Is The Technique More Pleasing?

Undoubtedly the FUE hair transplant technique is much more acceptable and pleasing when compared to the transplantation procedure. This is simply because it is more efficient and harvest large amount of hair follicles with high levels of accuracy and precision. Even though the surgery involves more expenses but the ultimate result which the candidate gains through it is completely worth.

Typically for all those people who require more amount of transplantation requires the extraction surgical procedure. The fact that the surgery provides minimal levels of scarring makes it more desirable especially for all the young individuals.


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