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Reasons to Choose Ceramic Tile For Countertops By Nicholas Jarder

  in Home Management | Published 2012-10-08 18:02:20 | 103 Reads | Unrated


For home improvement projects, the kitchen and bathroom are often at the top of the list And in these rooms, replacing the countertops is usually the most desired improvement

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For home improvement projects, the kitchen and bathroom are often at the top of the list. And in these rooms, replacing the countertops is usually the most desired improvement. A popular trend is using ceramic tile for countertops. It can be installed directly over existing laminate, so it is a more affordable option than replacing the countertops entirely.

Tile is available in a great number of different sizes, styles, textures, designs, and colors. There are really no constraints, other than personal taste, on which options are appropriate for a countertop. Smalle
r tiles, 4.25 by 4.25 inches, are most typically used, but using large tiles can add interest just because it is something different. Mosaic tiles, measuring just an inch or two on each side, are used less often.

Different colors can be used to create a pattern, such as a contrasting border or checkerboard. Interspersing tiles with a design on them among solid color tiles, either seemingly at random or in a consistent pattern, is another way to customize the look of the countertop. They can be oriented as squares or as diamonds, and hexagonal tiles are also available. Colored grout may be used to further create a unique look.

For any countertop, tile can be used to create a focal point, setting the tone for the entire room. Whether incorporating the existing color scheme to enhance the impact, or adding a twist by using contrast, a new countertop creates a big impact. Without making any other changes, the whole character of the room feels refreshed.

The use of ceramic tile for countertops goes back more than a hundred years. The popularity has waxed and waned over the years, but it never goes completely out of style. Tile is highly resistant to staining and damage from heat, one of the reasons it is valued for kitchen surfaces. In the bathroom, tile’s resistance to damage from water or moisture in the air is appreciated.

One of the negatives of ceramic tile is that the grout joins are difficult to keep clean. Another is that the tiles can be susceptible to cracks, dings, and chips. On the other hand, a single damaged tile can be replaced fairly easily, whereas a damaged solid countertop may need to be entirely replaced. There is also a higher risk of glass and ceramic items breaking when dropped on the hard surface.

When laying tile over an existing countertop, the sink and, in the kitchen, the stove and disposal, must be removed to expose the full surface of the countertop, so it is not necessarily a project for a first time do-it-yourselfer. More experienced homeowners can tackle the project themselves, if desired. The key to success is in careful planning. A professional contractor may produce the best results, and because it is such a simple project, the cost of engaging one shouldn’t be too high.

Using ceramic tile for countertops is a simple way to update the look of a room without spending a lot of money and time. Old, ugly countertops are made attractive, transforming the whole room into looking new and fresh. With all the different designs of ceramic tile that are available, there is something to match every décor and satisfy every personal taste.

Are you looking for more information regarding ceramic tile for countertops? Visit today!

Are you looking for more information regarding ceramic tile for countertops? Visit today!


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