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Starting Your Own Business Different Approaches By Naz Daud

  in Business | Published 2010-02-26 21:31:43 | 154 Reads | Unrated


Every year thousands of people attempt to start their own business, be it home based or otherwise They dont all follow the same pattern or guidelines, however and there are many different ways to approach the setting up of your own company

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Every year thousands of people attempt to start their own business, be it home based or otherwise. They dont all follow the same pattern or guidelines, however and there are many different ways to approach the setting up of your own company. To get started, of course, you need a good business idea and this can be anything from a personal interest or hobby that has potential for you turn a profit on or simply seeing a gap in the current market that you feel you have the skills to exploit and turn to your advantage.

However, even after you have decided on the kind of business you
are interested in starting, there are still many ways you can go about bringing your vision to life. One possibility is to go with a business model that is already tried and tested, a proven success, such as taking over a company that already exists and is doing well or becoming a part of a successful franchise.

Other opportunities include being offered the chance to buy out your current employer or perhaps take over a business that is already in the family. These kinds of businesses are usually easier to get financial backing for and they often already have an existing market base. Taking on a franchise can sometimes be more costly than simply setting up on your own and can also be restrictive to your own personal ideas and freedoms.

There are many different kinds of businesses, including those whose specific aims arent solely to make a financial profit. These include organisations that are designed to help the local community, the disadvantaged or the environment, to name just three examples. These kinds of businesses are generally referred to as social enterprises and the profits generated by them are generally reinvested.

Such undertakings can attract volunteers who are happy to help without expecting any financial remuneration, which often makes it easier to attract grants and funds from various sources and organisations. On the downside, of course, it still has to be financially viable and in that sense operate like any other business. This can often be frustrating, especially when making profits and the business aims conflict.

Of course, if your aim in starting your own business is primarily about making money and/or giving yourself more freedom, then a social enterprise is probably not going to be the kind of organisation you are looking for.

The other major question to consider is whether the enterprise is going to be your full-time or part-time occupation. There are various reasons and options when considering either. You may want to consider starting out part-time in order to build up the business and then move to full-time when it is more financially stable. On the other hand, some people may be seeking a permanent part-time business and are willing to accept a lower income in return for the greater freedom the reduced hours provide.

If you would prefer to quit your job straight away and immediately go for the full-time option, there are various ways of ensuring you can afford to do so, before the profits start rolling in. You could apply for a loan or rely on your savings or on your partners income for a period of time, until the business takes off.

Whatever business you choose or how you decide to approach it, starting your own business and gaining control over your own future is often one of the most satisfying things you will ever do.


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