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  in Travel | Published 2019-05-16 01:35:23 | 19 Reads | Unrated


We help you with all aspects of your wedding planning we have incredible ideas for invitations and impressive floral arrangements for the ceremony. We take care of all the logistics on your wedding day.

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We know how important it is for you


If your dream is to marry in the sea, on a beach or anchored in a beautiful bay, we will help you to organize it so that everything is perfect.



We offer a personalized service with specialists who will accompany you in every decision so that everything is perfect.



Our experience and years in the yacht sector allows us to offer the most competit

ive prices in the market and the best quality of service regarding the Yachts for Rent in Dubai.



5 years of experience, with yachts in the main destinations of the world allows us to guarantee the organization of an unforgettable day.



We have an experienced team that knows all your needs.

We put at your disposal the best Party Boats and Yacht in Dubai at the best price of the market with everything included. Besides, organizing your wedding will be super easy. You just have to get in touch with us via email or on call +971-526501454 and we will help you in everything so that your wedding is perfect on a perfect yacht.


Yacht Weddings


If you have been informing yourself for a while about what weddings are like on yachts, since you want to celebrate yours in one of them, we will go ahead, although now we will explore a bit more, which may be one of the best experiences of your life for both you and your guests Do you want to know a little more about what you can find?


First of all, it is necessary to say that just for the mere fact of celebrating a wedding on a yacht, an unusual place; both you and the people who accompany you on that special day will be very excited. A feeling that together with the emotion of the moment can be priceless.


Also, and to take advantage of everything that the beauty of a yacht can offer you, a general topic is to celebrate the bond itself at the moment when the Sun is setting.


But, why deceive us, this is just the beginning. More than anything because after the couple is based on a passionate kiss, it can be said, without fear of making mistakes that the best begins. And it will be at this precise moment when the corresponding yacht will become a great cocktail room to give way, then to an exclusive restaurant and a party room afterwards.


In other words, a totally unique, exclusive and full of elegance to celebrate your bond can enjoy a delicious food and a glass of farewell champagne with soft waves in the background and the whisper of the sea breeze giving you those moments that surely celebrate for success. Because, whether we want it or not, yacht weddings are different.


Wedding packages


All wedding packages include:


  • Yacht:

The whole party aboard your private yacht. All the crew, insurance and permission of the city included.


  • Food:

Menu served in UAE. Waiters included. Our chef can design the menu according to your taste. We do not use paper or plastic utensils.


  • Drinks:

Soft drinks, juices, coffee or tea. All drinks are served in crystal glasses. The bartenders are included.


  • Minister:

The captain or priest to carry out the marriage ceremony


  • Wedding cake:

A great choice of flavors and fillings


  • Photography:

Professional wedding photographer


  • Entertainment:

Disc Jockey professional should analyze the needs of music for the ceremony and reception



  • Flowers:

Bridal bouquet, Boutonniere flowers for the groom and flowers for the cake included. Meet with our experienced floral designer.


  • Wedding Coordinator:

To help you plan the most important day of your life!



Wedding aboard a yacht


Would you like your wedding on a yacht? Imagine the wedding of your dreams aboard one of the most romantic yachts in Dubai. There is nothing more romantic and unforgettable than a wedding at sea. Invite your closest friends to celebrate your marriage together aboard one of our luxury yachts.


Neptune not only has an impressive fleet of yachts. We help you with all aspects of your wedding planning we have incredible ideas for invitations and impressive floral arrangements for the ceremony. We take care of all the logistics on your wedding day.


Each wedding ceremony and each reception must express the personality of the bride and groom. We and our team of wedding experts make your wedding such a special day that your family and friends will talk for a long time as the best wedding they have ever attended.




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