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The Impact of Digital Revolution on Society By Steve Atkins

  in Marketing | Published 2019-02-12 12:26:37 | 7 Reads | Unrated


The dawn of the technological age took place in the early 90s and is still progressing. Although the pace seemed slow at first, rapid changes were witnessed over the past few years.

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The dawn of the technological age took place in the early 90s and is still progressing. Although the pace seemed slow at first, rapid changes were witnessed over the past few years. So much so that we are living is in the threshold of technological advancements. Everything we do today has some digital implementations.  Safely we can say that human lives have become entirely reliant on technology. We simply cannot do without it! Our daily lifestyle is getting more complex and somehow we get technology to do our work or make it easier. 

There have been many positive

impact of digitization on economy and society today, some of them are:

  • Improved communication - most of the people a few decades ago didn’t know what it meant to be connected. However, through new digital technologies, information and data can be passed from one corner of the globe to the other in no time. People can stay connected to their loved ones with a touch of a button. When it comes to business, it is nothing different. Technological advancements have given business owners the chance to improve on their customer services and business deals. 
  • Helped in academic and learning - learning and education have become a different concept in society these days. Earlier, it was the teacher that students would rely on in order to learn the subject matter. In this modern age where digital media has allowed vivid demonstrations of the study material and subject matter, students now can learn with ease. They can avail of the tutorial videos online or hire a teacher across the globe with better explanation to understand the subject. The newer application allows the students to get vivid demonstration of their mathematical problems as well as problems in other subjects that are very hard to explain. 
  • Transportation – probably the first thing that has changed since the technological revolution started growing. The transportation business has gone from a simple car to multi-cargo flights where a seat can be booked through a mobile application. The digital technological growth has now caused people to get a taxi from any corner of the city through popular applications like Uber. Mobile Applications have made transportation and communication very ease allowing people to deal and interact more efficiently than ever before. Through online payment, people can now get transportation easily without having to worry about payment in cash. Since all the transactions are traceable, there are diminished chances of fraud or cheating.
  • Impact of technology on economic growth – One may ask how technological progress affects the economy.  Well its simple, money transactions have become more reliable with the development of digital technology. Now people can transfer money online through an application or get their payment via Google pay which is linked to the bank account. Physical cash is slowly ceasing to exist and the entire banking system is turning digital. This not just helps in globalization but also helps in the economic development. Business owner can now transfer and receive money from their customers across the globe without the risk of money being lost during the transaction.

Although technology can affect the society in many negative ways, the overall impact of digital technology is positive. The technology has helped in making lives easier. It has worked well for globalizing the business world and transforming the world into a digital village. Through digital marketing services, people have become more productive, leading to increased business growth. It has saved our valuable time and money.


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