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Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Strategy By SITPL SG

  in Marketing | Published 2018-12-31 11:08:29 | 145 Reads | Unrated


Email is a successful, affordable marketing scheme that has remained a top strategy for years.

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Email is a successful, affordable marketing scheme that has remained a top strategy for years. It has affected many consumers and motivated many brands to the top of their category. But while it's held its ground for some time, it's definitely changed over the years.

In this post, we’ll share a few tips you can use to craft your own email marketing strategy that delivers better results.


Here are tips on an effective email marketing strategy:

Ask for feedback

No product, service, or business is pe

rfect. Improvement is a massive part of sustaining business growth. When it comes to making your products and services better, customer feedback is the key.

Even the world’s biggest brands like Apple always listen to customer feedback and roll out updates to its software and products to make them better. As a small business, you also have to gather feedback from your customers to find more ways to improve your products and services.

Consistency is Key

Another element of a successful email marketing strategy is stability. On the off chance that your rundowns are anticipating an email from you, they're substantially more prone to open and collaborate with your messages. Sending out an email to your lists periodically isn’t going to be valuable because your emails chance being marked as spam and not getting opened at all. Make an email marketing plan and stick to it to build rapport with your client.

Making stability with your email marketing strategy doesn’t only include email frequency, it also incorporates content. Make sure your emails include content that your audience is highly interested in so that they look forward to your emails when you send them. This incorporates structure, your messages ought to be marked and have a firm plan that meets your image guidelines.

Keep your list clean

For an effective email marketing campaign, you have to keep your rundown as spotless as could be expected under the circumstances. Take time to get free of all the bad email addresses in your list. This includes those that are returned as undeliverable, as well as those addresses which are not well formatted. If too many of the email addresses on your list are undeliverable, your email supplier may get suspicious and signal you as spam.


Keep a calendar

You email blasts are a commitment. You can't go many weeks without sending any email and expect your follower to still be engaged when you do. Spend time planning, writing, and designing your emails and be sure to plan them to go out regularly, ideally on a specific day of the week at the same time. This creates consistency that your subscribers will look forward to.

Take advantage of transaction emails

Every blog, business, startup, or online store has a transaction email. Whether it’s to confirm a purchase or a sign-up to a newsletter, sending a transaction email is a must for every email marketing strategy.

Instead of making these transnational emails boring and unimportant, you can use it to your advantage to tell your customers and leads about your products and services.

For example, include a link to get a free trial to your software or coupon code in the transaction email to let your customers get a discount on their next purchase.

Keep Mobile in Mind

When opening emails, the modern email user is utilizing a cell phone. In fact, 75% of Gmail clients use mobile gadgets when opening or communicating with email. Keeping mobile in mind is a key part of a successful email marketing strategy because it ensures your emails are reaching the largest people. Making sure your emails are good with mobile devices will become even more essential over time. A recent study also showed that by the end of 2018, global mobile email users are expected to total over 2.2 billion. Making sure your emails are uncomplicated to read and interact with in mobile is a vast component of your emails execution.

Create a Welcome Campaign

The most imperative email you send to your potential customer is the first. Creating an individualized welcome email that thanks them for signing up and welcomes them into the group is a great process to ensure they stick around for more emails.

When composing a welcome campaign, avoid using the word “list”. The goal is to make the reader feel like the email was caused just for them, and that you care about each single that signs up. Within the email, be sure to repeat the benefits of being in this community, and perhaps even offer a small discount code.


Other marketing drift may come and go, but it looks as though email is here to stay. Put directly, your email marketing strategy must be powerful in order to participate in today’s world. We hope our list of  top email marketing points gave you a good site to start when it comes to reenergizing your campaigns.

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