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US Economic data delayed again, no date set for release By bradshawmanagement bradshawmanagement

  in Finances | Published 2019-02-06 10:59:10 | 12 Reads | Unrated


The economic data that has already been proponed from the partial US government shutdown has still yet to be released, with most of the backlog set to be released within the next few weeks, but still no official dates have been set.

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The economic data that has already been proponed from the partial US government shutdown has still yet to be released, with most of the backlog set to be released within the next few weeks, but still no official dates have been set.

Meanwhile, already halfway through earnings season with over 60% of the s&p stocks posting their earnings, and the big names already who are bringing good news are being rewarded heavily by investors. “Earnings triple plays this season (companies that have beat analysts EPS, beat revenues, and raise guidance) have averaged a huge one-day gain

of 9.15% on their earnings reaction days. Throughout history triple plays have averaged a gain of 5.32%,” according our investment research team.

This week is a big week of earnings, with the remaining heavyweights ready to post. Alphabet (GOOGL) will be reporting Monday 4th February before the bell, Snap (SNAP) will report after the close on Tuesday and Twitter (TWTR) is set to report Thursday before trading begins.

On Tuesday 29th January Bank of America sent a note to its clients, that alphabet has been underperforming their tech rivals this year, although the bank remains optimistic long term, in a recent statement  a representative said “Direct response ad checks are generally positive in the US, but we think some [international] macro pressure is possible, the bank said. “Overall, we like the set up into the print given recent margin comps, regulatory and Amazon concerns and recent stock performance.”

RBC’s Mark Maganey believes that Alphabets hardware business will continue to improve.In a note published on Friday “Google has over the past few years made hardware development and innovation a bigger strategic and engineering focus for the company, via both acquisitions (Nest, HTC) and organic efforts. The result has been a relatively impressive slate of products that have gained critical success and are starting to gain material commercial traction. In FY18, we estimate that Google’s Hardware segment will generate a combined $8.8B in Revenue (6% of Gross Revenue) and $3.0B in Gross Profits (4% of Gross Profits),”

Analysts have recently reported that they believe Alphabet will publish earnings of $13.04 per share tied in with a revenue of $31.32 billion USD. On the other end of the spectrum Snap has been attracting a lot of negative attention with another c-suite shake up. With a lack of stable leadership, concerns have been raised by analysts and investors alike. Laura Sweet the CAO of Snap has been serving as a temporary CFO until a permanent replacement has been found.

Analysts said in a recent press conference “We downgraded shares of SNAP to Sector Perform in the wake of mixed pre- release results, but more importantly, in the wake of a surprise resignation by the CFO. This increased our concern over management execution,” Snap is expected to report an earnings loss of 8 cents per share on $376.66 million in revenue.

Hugh Lee – Bradshaw Management


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