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Use Extensions to Look Like Your Favourite Celebrity By Louise Bailey

  in Business | Published 2019-02-11 12:52:31 | 26 Reads | Unrated


Celebrities and hair extensions have a deep connection. Extensions help them modify their look and boast countless hairstyles. You can produce similar appearances by using extensions. From Jennifer Lopez’s spirals to Nicki Minaj’s long, straight hair, nothing is impossible with extensions. Consu

lt with a professional stylist for different hairdos.

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When it is about your hair, the main source of inspiration are the celebrities you admire. Some of them flaunt thick and long luscious locks that seem perfect for every event. Sadly, not everyone has long, natural hair and they need to find another way that can help them style their hair just like they want to. One such effective method is the usage of hair extensions. Whilst you may not know it, there is actually a connection between celebrities and hair extensions.

Due to smart styling, you are not able to notice but most of the female celebrities wear extensions to improve their

look. Since they need to transform their appearance often, they require something that facilitates instant change. Hair extensions make that possible and you can use them too, just like your favourite stars.

#1 Jennifer Lopez's Fierce Spirals

The famous JLo has always been steady with her hair colour, which is either a light or a darker shade of brown. The long and loose spiral curls look great and compliment her attitude. You can use tape in hair extensions to get a similar appealing and natural look that will make your hair long and boost your personality.

#2 The Gwen Stefani Glamour

Gwen and her signature hairstyle have driven many followers to try the vintage look. She is known to use extra hair to increase its volume, which otherwise would not have given the puffy hairdo. If you have a pale complexion and want to rock the curly platinum bob just like Stefani, try using extensions.

#3 Blunt Cut Bangs & Long Layers Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian sports different styles of hair every now and then. Ever wondered how she does that? It is through the use of hair extensions. One of the best ones she has carried with ease is the blunt cut bangs. The long, black layers mixed with caramel highlights can make a lady look trendy and exceptional.

#4 Demi Lovato's Red Curls

Demi Lovato is proud of her lush locks and uses extensions to either make her hair look longer or to change its colour. Sometimes, the usual shade of your hair can be avoided with the use of extensions. If red curly hair is what you want without the need for colouring it, red hair extensions can help you.

#5 Parted Wavy Long Cut Like Mila Kunis

Mila's centre-parted look has been consistent. She has fantastic hair and mostly switches between straight and wavy. Although she has natural, dark brown locks, she uses extensions during some events to intensify her style. Using these can make your hair look naturally long and beautiful like her.

#5 Gigi Gorgeous' Perfect Blonde Strands

Gigi is just as gorgeous as her name suggests. She is well known for her platinum blonde locks and straight hair. Having natural golden locks is rare but, not if you use extensions. Colouring your tape hair extensions will give you this look and your hair will appear long and dense.

#6 Nicki Minaj's Black & Bold Long Hair

Being a famous rapper and a fashion icon, Nicki has tried and shown almost every hair colour combination. One of the best hairstyles she carries well is the extremely long, straight hair. It is not possible to grow such long hair naturally, and quickly. If you prefer long, black hair that looks natural and bright, trying extensions just like her is a clever choice.

The connection between celebrities and hair extensions is old. The different hairdos they display in different events have always been done with the help of extensions. If you are inspired by your favourite star's hairstyle and want to get a similar appearance, using hair extensions is a great choice.

Louise Bailey is a leading hair extensionist in the UK and the creative director of Extension Professional. She pays individual attention to every client and ensures that their hair desires are brought to life. She is one of the most prominent bridges between Celebrities and Hair Extensions. Several international stars and Hollywood celebrities are in awe of her skills and excellent work.


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Louise Bailey is one of the most experienced and trusted hair extension specialists in the UK. She has an ever-growing list of clients, which includes renowned models and celebrities. Louise specialises in pre-bonded keratin attachments and tape hair extensions. She is also the creative director of Extension Professional that offers a wide range of clip-in extensions. Guaranteeing best results, Louise only uses the highest quality European hair.

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