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VASER Liposuction Benefits Over Traditional Technique By James Willam

  in Wellness, Fitness and Diet | Published 2018-05-14 12:58:45 | 120 Reads | Unrated


Strict balanced diet or vigorous workout regime is not sufficient to minimize or shift the underlying stubborn fat deposits. Only an aesthetic surgery like liposculpting or vaser liposuction is required so as to attain chiseled physical appearance that has the potential to improve a candidate’s ph

ysical as well as emotional wellbeing.

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What Does The Conventional Liposelection Entails?

The traditional liposelction technique is especially designed to eliminate the accumulated adipocytes and lipocytes from various parts of the body. This is typically performed by a cosmetic surgeon by manually breaking down the fat pockets with the help of a hollow, metallic probe. The liquefied fat contents are then removed from the body part by a surgical cannula which is further attached to vacuum powered equipment. as soon as the liquefied adipose contents are aspirated out of the body, the minute incisions thro

ugh which the probe and cannula were inserted are carefully sutured.

Interesting Facts About The Traditional Method

  1. The surgical proceeding is a medically approved, highly popular procedure throughout the globe.
  2. The surgery imparts quick, long-standing results wherein the fats that are removed do not return.
  3. An individual achieves utmost results if one bears good skin elasticity and adequate muscle tone.
  4. As the technique requires forceful extraction of adipose contents, the surgery is more traumatic as and when compared to that of the vaser liposuction.
  5. Also the procedure includes a prolonged downtime period as it is executed under the application of general anesthesia.
  6. Like any other surgical approach, liposculpting also involves certain common temporary threats and complications after the completion of the surgery like swelling, bruising, scarring, numbness and tenderness.

What Does The Unconventional Method Includes?

It is an advanced liposelection technique wherein the underlying body fats are tackled mechanically with the delivery of ultrasonic waves. the surgery involves the insertion of metallic probes through minute incisions made on the surgical site. The surgical probes deliver ultrasound wavelengths to emulsify the fat contents without damaging the nearby blood vessels, nerves or connective tissues. This is followed by the expulsion of the dissolved fat out of the body with the help of a cannula. With this modernized technique, the longevity of the skin layers at the treatment area is furthermore increased.

Important Points About The Advanced Liposculpture Approach

  1. Vaser liposuction is a medically approved, highly efficient cosmetic treatment.
  2. Not only does it provide an attractive silhouette but also promote smoother and flatter body contours
  3. The technique can be carried out in various areas of the body as it involves high level of precision.
  4. It is a flawless procedure as it does not impart any threat or harm to the surrounding body tissues, blood supply or nerve fibers.
  5. As the surgery involves quick healing period, one can resume the normal activities within a short span of time.
  6. With proper care, complete bed rest and limited body movement, the temporary post-operative complications subside with the progression of the healing process and one achieves pre-determined surgical outcome.

The advanced surgical technique outweighs the conventional method as it is able to treat localized fat deposits very effectively.


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