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Ways to land on your dream Job By Anita Mitra

  in Career | Published 2017-07-01 05:54:30 | 136 Reads | Unrated


Finding a perfect job will be a challenging business for anyone. Never get disappointed in your job search as this is the time to learn and to explore your hidden talents. Get to know about yourself and sail through the sea of searching a suitable job.

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Finding a perfect job will be a challenging business for anyone. Never get disappointed in your job search as this is the time to learn and to explore your hidden talents. Get to know about yourself and sail through the sea of searching a suitable job.

Construct a Mainspring

Explore your strength and the concealed skills that you are good at, pen down and visualise your ambition. Understand your interest and frame your dream job with high positive thoughts. Imagine what kind of life you want to live in this large world. Appreciate your uniqueness

and start up your work with your own style of hunting jobs.

•    Make a list, which highlights your strengths, educational qualifications, skills and weakness

•    Get to know your dream job and search for the job that caters your lifetime satisfaction

•    Analyse your strong desire in your career path, if you are lacking certain skill sets get into the process of learning

•    Take up a course out of your comfort zone and learn many career-oriented abilities

•    Always be positive and feel confident about your skills and talent in your favourite career field

Feed your resume with good verbs

Your resume is the strong tool in bringing the recruiter’s attention towards you. Gain attention in the beginning and keep the information threaded together throughout the cover letter. Develop the letter with a perfect style and tone, which should portray the person’s skills that are required for that job role. Summarise your resume in the covering letter and show your personal characteristics.

In the resume include your basic details, educational qualifications, achievements, capabilities, objectives and contact information for reference. Design your resume in a digital version with attractive digital tools and share it with the recruiters. Keep an eye on all caps and lowercase of your name in the beginning of the resume, which will act as the heading of the resume.

Include only authorised educational qualification and certification in your resume. Separate the resume with headings and sub-headings; it will help the recruiter to glance on the resume freely. Be careful in choosing the words that you are using in the resume.

Broadcast you Online

Organise your job search, update your resume and keep it crisp and attractive. Your resume should speak your talents and should act like a mirror of your skills.  Double-check your resume and add on all the relevant techniques known in your resume. Demonstrate your achievements and projects, which you have done from college days. Upload your resume in few job portals and spend a quality time preparing for your interview.

Apply for various job opportunities of your interest and save suitable jobs from the list. Select your desired company and get to know the workflow of that company through some contacts. Be aware of fake recruiters from top-notch companies and check for spammers.

Frame your mind by immense research

Learn to take an initiative in the Job search process such as Walk-in Interviews and surf the internet for diverse Jobs. Hop into numerous job fairs in and around the city and reap the opportunities.

•    Explore the right places where you can apply and earn great references through your friends or social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and much more.  Build your network from your college friends, professors, contacts through internships and with other community organisations.

•    Look yourself like a product that is ready for a sale in the market. So, turn yourself into an advertisement by posting your updated resume in various job portals.

•    Evaluate your skills, the projects that were executed by you and keep your job search relevant to it. The knowledge which you have gained through the projects will add more confidence. Survey your field and the leading companies, which are into that similar career line.

Perform well

Once you received the phone call from the recruiter, spend some time in practising for the big day. Research for all the common questions asked in the interview and start preparing on those. Dress up well and create the best impression before the recruiter. Be at ease and face the interview without any anxiety. After completing the interview, create one follow-up mail.


This is the critical stage of the whole process, where you can accept or decline the job offer. When you are accepting the job offer, begin the sentence with the answer, yes and confirm the joining date and time. The mail should be short and to the point. If in case, you are refusing the job offer, start with a friendly reply with the refusal in a positive way.

Pave way for success

Start your information-gaining process at the right time and probe into plentiful job opportunities. Figure out your dream job, examine your inner skills and improve your professional qualities. Construct your resume and broadcast yourself in various online job portals, where you will experience the jobs chasing you. Get links and expand your job searchBe positive and stay calm till you achieve success.


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