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Why Should You Get Tape Hair Extensions? By Louise Bailey

  in Business | Published 2019-06-12 03:33:01 | 6 Reads | Unrated


If you wish to have long, thick and luscious hair, use tape hair extensions in London. These semi-permanent extensions will be taped into your natural hair and you can go to the gym or even swim, without the need to remove the extensions. They are easy to maintain and can help you flaunt a number of


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If you want shiny, long hair, but worried that your hair is not growing fast enough or that your hair might be thinning, you can consider getting tape-in hair extensions in London. This is a semi-permanent form of hair extension that can instantly give volume and length to your hair, without the hassle of making a permanent change. Below given are a few reasons why you should use tape hair extensions in London.

Tape extensions last a really long time

Tape-in extensions are exactly what you may think from its name - they will be taped into your natural hai

r, rather than sewn or clipped in. These extensions are made with high-quality adhesives that make sure that the extensions last for a long period of time. Also, since tape hair extensions are made from good quality human hair, the hair is just as durable as the adhesive. It will be exactly like your normal hair and if you have proper maintenance routine in place, your extensions can last up to 2 months.

Provides instant volume and length

One of the primary reasons to get tape-in extensions is to get more hair. If you have thin hair or there are early signs of balding, you can rely on extensions to add length and volume to your natural hair. In fact, you can have thick, long hair just as you desire.

Easy to maintain

Instead of having to clip in and remove your hair every time you want luscious hair, tape-in extensions provide you with a semi-permanent solution. Since they are taped in, you can cut down on a lot of time whilst getting ready in the morning. Also, you can look after your tape extensions exactly how you would your own hair. Brush your extensions frequently and make sure that they do not get entangled. Other than that, you can shampoo and dry it just like your own hair.

Wear them when swimming, to workout or shower

As mentioned before, tape-in extensions are semi-permanent extensions that are taped into your hair using premium grade adhesive. The best thing about these extensions is the fact that you can wear them to the gym, in the shower or when you go for your swim. With other types of extensions, you might have to remove them before participating in such activities.


Unlike other types of extensions, tape-ins can actually be reused. If you maintain it properly and seek professional help whilst its application and removal, you can actually reuse tape-ins for up to 3 times. So, this means that you are actually getting your money’s worth.

Lightweight and no slip

The tape-in wefts are lightweight and thin. They will not pull at your natural hair. The tape wefts are completely invisible and they can be cut and styled in any way that you want. Since the wefts are light, you can wear the extensions all day and night.
Another huge bonus of tape-ins is that you never have to worry about the extensions slipping or falling. Since they are taped in, the wefts will be in their places irrespective of whether you are running, jogging or swimming. This ensures that you have a confident appearance wherever you are.

Opportunity for flaunting versatile hairstyles

With tape-ins, your hair automatically becomes more thick and versatile. You will be able to experiment with so many different hairstyles including sleek ponytails, long braids, long beachy waves and so on. Also, you can colour your extensions or straighten and curl them. You can try out all the new hairstyle trends without damaging your natural hair.

So, what are you still thinking? If you want beautiful, celebrity-type hair, use tape hair extensions in London. Make sure to have the extensions taped into your hair by an experienced and skilled hair extension specialist for the best results. You can rest easy knowing that nobody will be able to tell the difference between your natural hair and extensions.

Louise Bailey is a leading hair extension expert specialising in the application of tape hair extensions in London. She has spent years mastering the safest techniques and procuring the highest quality products for her clients.


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Louise Bailey is one of the most experienced and trusted hair extension specialists in the UK. She has an ever-growing list of clients, which includes renowned models and celebrities. Louise specialises in pre-bonded keratin attachments and tape hair extensions. She is also the creative director of Extension Professional that offers a wide range of clip-in extensions. Guaranteeing best results, Louise only uses the highest quality European hair.

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