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Why You Shouldn’t Choose Black Hat SEO By Mike Johnsons

  in Marketing | Published 2019-03-04 01:13:07 | 37 Reads | Unrated


It’s normal for us humans to want positive results from solutions we think about. We may also want these positive results to come as quickly as possible. 

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It’s normal for us humans to want positive results from solutions we think about. We may also want these positive results to come as quickly as possible. 

The same goes when we implement a strategy to help our businesses grow.

In digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is implemented to drive traffic to websites and their pages. SEO is also the reason why brands get listed on Google’s search results when a user searches for keywords related to their niche. By getting traffic, businesses get more chances of sales. 

SEO also ma

kes use of various techniques to achieve these such as selecting the right keywords, optimising pages, integrating social media, improving written content like articles and blogs and through internal linking. Often, these techniques are combined to achieve the desired results. 

However, the results of these strategies are not instant. They do not get results overnight and they also certainly don’t get results in just a month. 

Due to the need and urgency of getting the desired outcomes, however, there are those who opt for the shortcut, Black Hat SEO. 

What Is Black Hat SEO? 

Black Hat SEO is actually an unethical practice implemented to rank higher on search engine results. It also violates the terms of service of search engines. It is also called “black hat” because it was named after how villains in old films wore black hats to be distinguished from the protagonists. 

What SEO Techniques are Considered Black Hat? 

When you’re new to digital marketing and are still looking for an SEO company to help you out, it’s crucial for you to know what Black Hat techniques are. Here are four common black hat techniques: 

Keyword Stuffing - Keywords are of course needed for your page to rank. However, these keywords should be sensible and always relevant to your niche. On the other hand, keyword stuffing overpacks the site with keywords, even with those that don’t make sense and are irrelevant. Additionally, keyword stuffing disrupts the writing on pages, making it look less informative and natural-sounding.

Hidden Texts and Links - Some pages require a certain number of characters, the use of keywords and links. When brands no longer have content to add on their pages, they often add the needed characters, keyword or link but make its colour the same with the page’s background. Others also add hidden words, keywords and links to lead users to other pages from their site. This is evidently misleading and is also a bad link building technique. 

Automatic Generation of Content - This technique generates content to manipulate rankings without putting any effort into the creation of content. However, the content that this technique comes up with is often meaningless and uninformative despite the insertion of keywords. At times, content from other websites are also copied and synonyms are used to change some of the words. 

● Cloaking - You may have experienced the outcome of this technique from when you were browsing pages. Cloaking leads users to pages that they did not intend to search. Take for example searching the keyword “shoes”, finding a result, opening that link but then find the content of the page far from the topic of shoes. 

What Are The Consequences of Black Hat Techniques? 

There’s no doubt that black hat techniques can give website owners instant results. However, these results will only be short-lived as search engines, especially Google, will detect when pages are implementing black hat SEO techniques. Search engines then penalise these pages and may even ban them. Hence, websites are put to waste and will no longer reap good results from good practice. 

You can, however, be sure that the SEO packages we offer at Low Cost SEO are white hat SEO techniques and will ensure that search engines will not penalise your pages. We’ll help you achieve the results you need, the ethical way!


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