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Work From Home Provide Editorial Services By Naz Daud

  in Jobs | Published 2010-02-08 07:36:37 | 167 Reads | Unrated


A working from home business that requires minimal start-up costs is providing editorial services To start the business you will need a computer with broadband access, a recognised style manual and a good dictionary

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A working from home business that requires minimal start-up costs is providing editorial services. To start the business you will need a computer with broadband access, a recognised style manual and a good dictionary. It is also obviously essential that you have a good working knowledge of the English language.

Copyediting: copyediting is a service provided to writers who need an impeccable manuscript before submitting it to a publisher. Manuscripts that reach a publisher with errors in grammar, spelling, syntax and information will probably end up in the rubbish bin; they will
not be taken seriously. Detail errors and inconsistencies also need the trained eye of the copyeditor to spot. The copyeditor will probably also query the writer in terms of clarity and coherence. The copyeditors job is not to rewrite the manuscript, but to polish it so it will be easier to read and the writing will flow. A good copyeditor needs an outstanding knowledge of grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph construction.

Proofreading: this job is different from copyediting. The final step before a manuscript goes to the printer is that a detailed check for errors is made. This is critically important, as undetected errors that get into print are extremely costly to correct. The proofreader must be a nitpicker. If the book makes it to the bookshop with a serious misprint it is disastrous. Sometimes, the publisher will hold the writer responsible for correcting such costs.

Content Editor: the content editor goes further than the copyeditor and works with the writer on re-writing the manuscript to make it more publishable. Parts of the book may need to be cut or revised, while whole sections may need to be re-arranged. There is a close relationship between writer and content editor. In addition to the skills of the copyeditor, the content editor must be an expert in the books genre.

Book doctoring: this is an editorial service provided for manuscripts written by experts. A professional in his own field may not have the skills to make his work readable and accessible to the public. The book doctor, besides requiring the skills of the copyeditor, must have a thorough knowledge of the subject being written about.

Ghost Writing: most people are familiar with this term. The ghostwriter is a person who writes a book in collaboration with someone who has a story to tell or wishes to write an autobiography. They might be a film star, sports personality, or just be someone who has had an intensely interesting experience but does not have the writing or organisational skills to pull it all together. Many published authors do this type of work as a sideline.

Copywriting: also known as business writing, is used to promote a product or a service. It can be in the form of advertising copy, promotional letters or material to test product viability.
Writing a book: many people have skills, expertise or hobbies that are of interest to others and writing a book about that interest can be quite lucrative.

Magazine article writing: magazine article writing or writing for newspapers as a freelance contributor is a difficult path to go down. Journalists protect their profession quite rigorously through their union. Magazines and newspapers do use freelancers but they are very good at what they do and have experience and expertise in areas that staff writers may not. This is therefore a difficult field to break into. If you are determined to try then start with smaller, more local publications.

Internet content writing: writing articles for web pages is a great way to get published. However, the content provider needs a good standard of grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph construction skills. Content providers should proofread their own work. A content writer has the advantage of working on the Internet and therefore often has a degree of flexibility in writing when he or she chooses.


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