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Advice Wedding Invitations Don'ts | Posted on 2009-07-21 18:24:23 Much is already written regarding wedding invitations - the do's and the don'ts as well as some budget tips Well, this article will not be in so stiff a competition again... Read more.. 18166
Advice Favor Ideas Best Abandoned | Posted on 2009-07-22 00:07:12 Wedding favors are meant to commemorate your wedding day long after it as passed You want your guests to take away good memories when hey go home after the wedding party,... Read more.. 382
Advice Let Personalized Favors Speak For You | Posted on 2009-07-22 00:13:01 If there is one day in your life that can truly be yours, it is your wedding day Oh, wait... Read more.. 402
Advice Wedding Favors on a Shoestring Budge | Posted on 2009-07-22 00:20:28 Wedding etiquette demands that wedded couples thank their guests for making their wedding memorable with their attendance A guest or two or hundreds of guests must go hom... Read more.. 407
Advice Choosing Cheap Wedding Dresses: Skimp On The Price, Not The Fabric | Posted on 2009-07-22 00:38:42 Brides can wear whatever they like on their wedding day But should they... Read more.. 406
Advice When Bridesmaid Dresses Attack | Posted on 2009-07-25 10:16:04 Always the bridesmaid, never the bride So goes the refrain of single ladies whose fingers continue to be devoid of an engagement ring, much less a wedding ring, and who h... Read more.. 406
Advice Mother of the Bride? Dresses Are the Least of Your Worries | Posted on 2009-07-25 10:31:36 "And they lived happily ever after... Read more.. 619
Advice Tips on Buying Plus Size Wedding Dresses Online | Posted on 2009-07-27 16:01:34 The Internet is a treasure trove of plus size wedding dresses This should not come as a surprise since most brides in all waistline sizes turn to online resources to assi... Read more.. 411
Advice Know Tips in Shopping For Mother of the Bride Dresses | Posted on 2009-07-27 16:08:37 If you made intense efforts to find the perfect wedding dress for your daughter, you ought to pour similar efforts in looking for the perfect mother of the bride dresses ... Read more.. 353
Advice Do Yourself a Favor With Wedding Favors | Posted on 2009-11-22 18:29:39 The wedding dress, wedding reception, and the wedding cake are given top priority for your wedding preparations The rest, the wedding tokens and the gifts for the bridal ... Read more.. 398
Advice Bridesmaid Dresses: Get 100% Satisfaction Without Blowing Away Your Savings | Posted on 2009-11-22 18:41:22 What your bridesmaids wear for your wedding reflects how you feel about them If you had the budget, you would get the best bridesmaid dresses for them but if you are tyin... Read more.. 629
Advice Bridesmaid Etiquette: The Duties That Come With Those Bridesmaid Dresses | Posted on 2009-12-16 09:53:53 Being a bridesmaid is an honor Being asked to wear those bridesmaid dresses is something that any lady wants - albeit not for countless times as in the case of Jane Nicho... Read more.. 329
Advice Wearing With Pride Informal Wedding Dresses | Posted on 2009-12-16 10:14:31 Admit it The thought of choosing from among formal wedding dresses with their yards and yards of fabric, hundreds upon hundreds of sequins and buttons and thingamajigs, a... Read more.. 385
Women's Interest Evening Dresses For Fashionista Summer Nights | Posted on 2010-02-08 14:59:04 It's the beach during the day but it's strictly romantic evening dresses for summer cocktails and formal dinner dates But it becomes a challenge to choose the perfect dre... Read more.. 367
Marriage Wedding Invitations: Online or Hard Copy? | Posted on 2010-02-26 13:37:59 Today, almost everything can be done online The Internet has provided wonders and has made the world smaller... Read more.. 671
Marriage It's the Look You Want, Not Just Any of Cliche Wedding Dresses | Posted on 2010-02-26 13:46:41 So you're looking at wedding dresses and you're nervous about making a big fashion mistake Your apprehension is understandable... Read more.. 372
Women's Interest Bridesmaids: Completing Your Wedding Entourage Line-up With Bridesmaid Dresses | Posted on 2010-02-26 14:10:05 To any bride-to-be, making the wedding guest list is stressful enough You have to recall the important people in your life - so carefully as you don't want to hurt egos s... Read more.. 461
Marriage Before Buying Those Wedding Dresses, Ask Yourself These Questions First | Posted on 2010-02-26 14:28:36 Every girl wants to get married Every woman has a dream wedding... Read more.. 392
Marriage The Importance of Wedding Cakes: Tradition or Necessity? | Posted on 2010-02-26 14:32:38 When the wedding planning commences, a lot of things come to mind You have to choose your wedding flowers - Toronto or elsewhere, your wedding favours, and even mother of... Read more.. 583
Marriage Of Wedding Dresses and Wedding Songs | Posted on 2010-02-28 18:29:18 Your wedding is definitely the most important day of your life All these years, you have been dreaming for that day to come and now that it is almost here, you can't help... Read more.. 358
Marriage The How's and When's in Wedding Favors Distribution | Posted on 2010-02-28 18:31:54 You are all set for the wedding Everything is in its proper order... Read more.. 367
Advice Different Bridesmaid Dresses, Unified Look | Posted on 2010-02-28 18:37:33 Nowadays, the concept of one-style-fits-all bridesmaid dresses is fast becoming out of style This is, of course, good news for brides who desire a unique if eclectic look... Read more.. 546
Advice Basics of Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses | Posted on 2010-02-28 18:44:42 If there is one reward that most mothers want later in life is to walk their daughters down the aisle, hopefully to begin a new life as a happily married woman Well, why ... Read more.. 366
Marriage What Wedding Dresses Are All About: Tips in Transitioning to a Married Life | Posted on 2010-03-09 04:48:11 Getting into married life is a major decision It is not as simple as changing your clothes or your shoes... Read more.. 356
Relationships When Wedding Dresses Are no Longer Needed: Dealing With Broken Engagements | Posted on 2010-03-09 04:56:13 The moment you get engaged, it seems like there are fireworks everywhere Your dreams are finally coming true and you can't wait to spend the rest of your life with the on... Read more.. 364
Food and Drinks All About Wedding Cakes: What to Ask Your Baker | Posted on 2010-03-09 05:02:40 Weddings won't be complete without wedding dresses and wedding favours In the same way, this very important day in your life won't mean that much without wedding cakes... Read more.. 408
Women's Interest What Wedding Favours Speak Of | Posted on 2010-03-09 05:43:01 Weddings are undoubtedly among the most important days of our lives This is especially true for women who, since childhood, have planned and imagined how this day should ... Read more.. 362
Marriage The Favors Behind Wedding Favors | Posted on 2010-03-09 05:47:40 Weddings are a wonderful thing This is probably one of your most sought-after events in your adult life... Read more.. 336
Women's Interest All About Maternity Wedding Dresses | Posted on 2010-03-13 18:29:54 In the olden days, visibly pregnant women walking down the aisle were subjects of scorn You were either married in quick civil ceremonies or walked down the aisle when yo... Read more.. 455
Relationships The Shopping Challenge: Mother of the Bride Dresses | Posted on 2010-03-13 19:08:32 Mothers of the brides and grooms out there pose a shopping challenge First, it requires consummate skill to get them out of the house and second, mothers have a style of ... Read more.. 443
Advice Plus Sized Wedding Dresses: Tips for the Right Fit | Posted on 2010-03-13 19:24:45 Plus sized brides have at their fingertips vast selections of stylish plus size wedding dresses so there is no need to blush when walking into a bridal shop Whether you a... Read more.. 397
Food and Drinks Don't Say You Weren't Warned About Heinous Wedding Cakes Disasters | Posted on 2010-03-13 19:46:33 The dream wedding cake is a vision of sheer loveliness with roses and beads, ribbons and curlicues, and all the stuff that makes wedding cakes a feast for the senses But... Read more.. 538
Advice Wedding Dress Disasters on D-Day | Posted on 2010-03-13 19:49:24 Let's face it A wedding dress of any color and cut, size and shape is a magnet for disaster... Read more.. 545
Women's Interest Of Shoes and Evening Dresses | Posted on 2010-03-16 14:16:15 Have you ever heard about the comment: why do women need too many pairs of shoes Well, the truth is, women are in love with shoes and come hell or high water, they will c... Read more.. 15235
Women's Interest Wedding Flowers: Which is Which? Looking Beyond Bridesmaid Dresses | Posted on 2010-03-16 14:20:51 There is so much to prepare in any wedding This is especially true when it is YOUR wedding that is being planned... Read more.. 660
Women's Interest Some Notes on Bridesmaid Dresses | Posted on 2010-03-16 14:29:17 It's the month of love once again Although February is not the time when most couples get married, this is usually the most important day for them... Read more.. 463
Marriage Your Guide in Choosing Plus Size Wedding Dresses | Posted on 2010-03-16 14:38:43 Women dream of being a bride someday - most women, that is Women want to find the one person whom they will spend their forever with... Read more.. 482
Marriage The Beauty of Shopping For Plus Size Wedding Dresses | Posted on 2010-03-16 15:05:55 Every woman dreams of being a bride someday For every little girl, making this dream a reality is perhaps the most meaningful of all... Read more.. 426

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