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SpectraVR is a virtual reality media production and technology startup, the first in this space in India, founded by a highly experienced team of media and technology experts. We create the best 360 degree experiences using the latest 360° camera techniques and software capabilities. We were founded on the passion to push the limits of 360° film making and to awe people with amazing full scope images. The team of SpectraVR has a long and in-depth experience of online media production and technology. In wide range from full feature films to tv-commercials, SpectraVR is able to deliver quality on every platform. Specialized in story telling, our background is mainly focused on extreme sports, travel, food, & music - combining our passion with work. We work closely with our clients to build innovative 360 degree experiences and enable them to tell their story in an immersive, fun and engaging way.

Article Submissions

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