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A Broader Understanding of Reiki

Posted by Martin Donnelly | Published 2014-05-01 12:37:44 | Self Help

Introducing Usui Reiki When you hear of people talking about Reiki, they will typically be describing Usui Reiki a method of hands on healing which calls on or invokes universal energy to raise our e...

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Bigger Breast Without the Surgery

Posted by Penny Diaz | Published 2014-04-27 17:09:49 | Self Help

Imagine having the breast you've always wanted without having surgery to get them Believe it or not, the most effective strategies and techniques for breast enhancement have been proven by over 7500 ...

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Think Positive - Banish Negative Thoughts

Posted by Annette Young | Published 2014-04-27 09:54:14 | Self Help

Your thoughts are powerful They serve to drive your actions in life and equate to how you live your life...

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Examples of Short Term Goals

Posted by Nate W. | Published 2014-04-18 16:05:10 | Self Help

Hey guys, it's Nate I hope everyone is doing well and is having a phenomenal weekend...

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What is Risk? (And Why You Should Take It)

Posted by Nate W. | Published 2014-04-18 15:35:12 | Self Help

Risk, as defined by Wikipedia is the potential of losing something of value, weighed against the potential to gain something of value In other words, you are taking a chance at losing something, in or...

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Becoming World Class in Life, And Reaching Your Dreams

Posted by Nate W. | Published 2014-04-18 15:04:59 | Self Help

Tonight, as well as many other nights, I've been thinking about what it means to be great We could also call that 'World Class'...

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Does Your Child Suffer From Anxiety / Ways You Can Help

Posted by Penny Diaz | Published 2014-04-14 06:28:04 | Self Help

These days it is so expensive to get the medical treatment we need and if our Children are suffering then we have to find a way no matter what the cost I want to help you find the treatment you need ...

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Invisible Braces Procedure, Benefits, and Drawbacks

Posted by Peter Roseberg | Published 2014-04-07 05:28:04 | Self Help

Invisible braces are becoming a lot more popular these days. More and more people are looking into getting the Invisalign treatment as well as seeking information. Here's how it works, and its pros an...

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A Message to Mediums and Those Who Wish to Speak to Their Dead Relatives

Posted by Guy David Uriel | Published 2014-03-18 04:58:04 | Self Help

A 2005 Gallup poll confirmed that a large percentage of people in the world believe in the afterlife and our ability to communicate with the dead I happen to be one of those people...

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How to Tell a True Psychic From a Fake

Posted by Guy David Uriel | Published 2014-03-07 01:23:52 | Self Help

Every one of us has wondered at one point in our life what lies ahead The future fascinates us for good reason...

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Why Do We Need to Know That the Afterlife Exists? (And What is it Like There?)

Posted by Guy David Uriel | Published 2014-02-25 02:11:13 | Self Help

Throughout human history, we’ve been fascinated by the idea that the soul will survive the physical body’s demise This belief sprung a never-ending debate between those who wished to validate that...

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How to Approach Meditation

Posted by Guy David Uriel | Published 2014-02-24 23:55:05 | Self Help

I’m about to reveal a great tool that’s available to anyone on the planet, but which only a small percentage ever take advantage of It’s a power given to us by God as part of His creation...

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The Day the Spirits Talked to Me

Posted by Guy David Uriel | Published 2014-02-21 23:42:18 | Self Help

I’ll never forget the day the spirits started talking with me I’m not sure anyone who ever goes through such an experience has a way to explain the joy, the relaxation and, most notably, the fear ...

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Why Meditate and Do We Really Need to Meditate For Spirituality?

Posted by Guy David Uriel | Published 2014-02-21 23:13:55 | Self Help

What if you were told that you don’t need to meditate in order to become more spiritually aware What if you were to learn that there are other ways to evolve that are just as effective...

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Why We Must Simplify Our Spiritual Ways?

Posted by Guy David Uriel | Published 2014-02-19 04:18:44 | Self Help

There are so many books today that approach the subject of spirituality; so many spiritual people who claim to have some secret knowledge of God; so many religions that claim to know the one true path...

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Have You Seen 111?

Posted by Guy David Uriel | Published 2014-02-18 22:38:35 | Self Help

I kept seeing the number "111" for many years, before I ever started conversing with the spirits At first, I was amused with the coincidental nature of it all...

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111 the Calling

Posted by Guy David Uriel | Published 2014-02-18 22:11:13 | Self Help

A task has been thrust upon me to spread a calling And if you read the book, 111 The Path, you would know by now that part of the calling is my own doing...

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Shazia Spells

Posted by Gajanan Solage | Published 2014-02-01 09:32:35 | Self Help

Most people will be put off by the thought of casting spells on others, simply because they presume that these forms of enticements are not worthy of the effects. Lot of negativity is found among peop...

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Stop Smoking My Story

Posted by Todd Burgess | Published 2014-01-26 10:52:20 | Self Help

I cannot tell you how much being a non smoker has meant to me over the last 6 years I started smoking when I was 13 years old like a lot of people that was the environment I was in and I wanted more t...

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How to Do Hypnosis - Part A

Posted by Gareth Graham | Published 2014-01-11 04:18:36 | Self Help

For years I've mused over how people try to explain how and why hypnosis works In my experience as a hypnotherapist I've come to understand that so many of the things I read and was told, just didn't ...

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